Does Solid Burn improve burns?

I’ve read dozens of post with burn results with the new Solid Burn feature turned on. But no real talk about if there are acutally improvements in burns. Just endless burn results being posted.

I would like to know, does this Solid Burn actually improve burning with known media? Are the result better or the same when compared with the Solid Burn turned off?

What are the opinions out there?


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Look here
Post # 233 the three scans show the improvement at each stage.
See also # 235

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Here are some done with BenQ labeled 8x discs.(Daxon Technology Inc.Daxon008S)
This is 8x write
Solid Burn ON
OverSpeed ON

Notice on benchmark transfer the squiggle starting at 4gb

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Same test @ 12x
Same status
Notice improvement despite increase in write speed.
This is down to Solid Burn.

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Same test
Same status
Due to Solid Burn notice performance plateau.

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If you look at the 8x tests at disc infoyou’ll see it goes upto 16x.
However by the time I get to 16x looking at disc info you’ll see it ony goes to 12x.
This I believe is due to Solid Burn, to test this I ran another identical test except I turned WOPC off.

With a BenQ1620 I used to get consistent 97% /98%. When I bought the BenQ1640 I found it was faster but that Quality Scores fell back by 1% or so.
Then came the new firmware and Solid giving me 99% and PIF totals of 100 or less all the time.

Is this an improvement ? who knows ? my guess is yes - but that with today’s DVDs it really doesn’t matter. My belief is that the quality of even the worst media is so much better than it was a few years ago that if a disk gets 90% or more it will probably be good for years.