Does size make a difference?

I am going from VHS to DVD using Xpert DVD maker 2.0 USB. I connected a SIMA CT-1 Video stabelizer but the problem now is that even w/the stabelizer, I still get “fuzzy” pictures. I have a 32" Sony Trinitron (1999) TV. The picture looks like if you took a digital still and zoomed in to the point where edges were squared rather than smooth.

Is it a setting I’m missing or simply too large a TV screen?

And I still can’t get closed caption though I am getting the Turtle Beach Advantage unit which says it will keep CC.


Have you tried a different RCA cable?

I’ll try a different cable and clean the heads but I don’t think that is it (never hurts to try though).


Let me know how it goes. I’m running the same stuff except I have the CT-2. I haven’t used it in a while but if that doesn’t do it for you, I’ll take a look and see if there’s a setting your missing. I’d do it now for you but I’ve got it set up on my wifes puter which isn’t fired up right now.


I’ll play over the weekend and post results. I’m just at a loss. Will update. Whatr size screen do you have? Is it a CRT or projection?

56 inch RCA projection.

I wonder how many ohters have this problem and what size TV they have. In addition to cleaning the head of the VCR and changing the RCA cable (I don’t think this will help), I’m going to try playing the DVDs on a smaller CRT and see if there is any difference. I’ll also play the original VHS on the large screen I have and see what it looks like but I also think that the VHS will be OK. I keep thinking some kind of compression problem or other setting but there are no real settings involved.

Film at ll.

Hey Talosian… Are you copying to your HD and then to DVD or copying straight to DVD in real time? I do it straight to DVD in real time. It’s very slow but works great. I copied probably near 50 kids shows for my GranDaughter and they work fine on my screen. I’ll take a look at the software this morning and refresh my memory. See if there’s any particular settings I had and let you know. Good Luck.


Thanks. I have been going to my HD and then burning to the DVD. I’ll give your method a shot. I’m wondering though if I can burn directly from the VCR input with Power Producer. I’ll check it out tonight. I also have a couple of other programs from Cyberlink which came with Turtle Beach Viideo Advantage. I have Power Producer Express and Power Director.

All of this started as I really need the CC and so far, i haven’t gotten it to work but hopefully the Turtle Beach unit will work since it says specifically it keeps CC.

I also tried a SIMA CT-1 video stablizer with no difference in anything.

I seem to be able to copy VHS to DVD w/o problems (other than mentioned) using the Xpert USB DVD copy unit which may bypass the Macrovision.

Who knows.

Will update.

Yes you can burn direct. This is how I’ve always done it. Give that a try. Should work for you.