Does SecuROM unmount image drives?

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I just got myself a copy of Silent Storm Gold and as I usually do I made images of the discs with BW5 and then mounted them in daemon tools. Whilst the basic game (SecuROM works fine the Sentinels expansion (SecuROM requested that the original disk be inserted. Nothing new there, the backups doesnt allways work.

Then I noticed something pretty much by pure chance. When the game is run from an image drive the disc image is unmouted! The only explanation that I can see is that this is done by SecuROM so my question is if and how this can be stopped?

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This is known as blacklisting and it only happens with versions of securom 5.0x and greater. The way around this is to burn the image to disc and play via emulation from the backup disc.

That does kinda defeat what I want to do but I guess there is no way around it. Thanks for the info. I thought emulation was only for image files, should I burn the disc with that RMPS thingy on in Alcohol or is there something similar in BW?

Sorry for the dumb questions.

If youve got Alcohol, burn it using RMPS, then enable RMPS on your emulation options. I’m not familiar with blindwrite, but the new release of Alcohol will lift current blacklists.

I thought emulation was only for image files
Image files are generally 1:1 at 99% of the original, so they dont need emulation. The tricky bit is not reading the image, but encoding it to disc accurately, so most newer protections on disc require emulation of some sort.

Oh by the way remember a question is never dumb, not asking a question is. :slight_smile:

Thanks! For some reason I cant get it to work though, seems like SecoROM picks up on it being a backup even with RMPS and hide cr-r media. More anoying is that Sentinels wont run after being patched unless the bw5 drivers are uninstalled.

Make sure to enable ‘Sub channel data fixed and emulation’ as well as RMPS with Alcohol. It can help to do a DPM reading at 1X. It doesnt take much longer. Do you have Clone CD? You may have to remove it to get Alcohol copys to run.

To mount images of Securom 5 titles, you have to edit the registry:
There you can find your drives listed from ‘Scsi Port 0’ to ‘Scsi Port X’
From the ‘driver’-name you can tell which are the virtual drives of Alc and D-tools (if both installed)
Now you only have to change the Administrator’s ‘Read rights’ from ‘Permit’ to ‘Deny’.
If this is too ‘confusing’ (as you can see from my attached pics, my native tongue is german :slight_smile: ), someone should sum that up in better english. I’ve only tested SW:Battlefront and Top Spin with RMPS unchecked (Blindwrite image + BWA)
Before uninstalling Alc or D-tools you should cancel these changes.

Thanks for the tip Terramex I understand what you say, I’ll give it a try (possibly with some other game because sentinels sucked) and report the results.

No go, the drive image still gets unmounted. Oh well, I’ve played through the game and it wasnt very good so I’ll go of the HDD in onto the shelf, no more need for a backup.

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