Does scart lead quailty make a difference..?

Hi all,

I recently bought a LVW-1105HC+, and have it connected through my freeview box and to the TV.

Now, when watching channels through the dvd recorder channel they are not as sharp or as colourful as if watching them directly from either the freeview or TV.

I only have cheaper scart leads at the moment - would I see an improvement with more expensive scart leads, and an end to my problem?

Has anyone noticed an improvement by simply swapping scart leads?

thanks - Andy

Having a good quality scart lead would make all the difference QED and Ixos is a good place to start. Have a lookHere.

One other thing that would be worth checking is that both the Freeview box and LiteOn are set to ‘RGB’ for the display output. From what I recall, the LiteOn is set to ‘Component’ by default, which at the same time sets the Scart to output composite video.

Along with Brandon’s advice, when choosing a Scart lead, go for the shortest leads that are still long to reach from one device to the next. Long leads can result in shadowing and colour bleeding. As the LiteOn acts as a ‘passive’ device when powered off, the effective lead distance between the Freeview box and the TV becomes the sum of the lead lengths. Finally, if you Freeview box has separate TV and VCR outputs and your TV has two Scart inputs, connect another Scart Lead from the TV-Out of your Freeview box to the 2nd input of our TV to get a better quality picture when watching Freeview. :wink:

Don’t spend more than £15-£20. Anything else is a waste as there will be no difference.

thanks for the replys!!

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