Does samsung burn safedisc?

Hi all i have a question about my burner its a samsung dvd reader rw combo, it plays dvds but not burn them so i just wanted to know if i can burn safedisc games with it to be more specific it says multi-read 52x cd 24x cdrw 52 x cdrom and 16 x dvdrom if u guys need any more info just ask. Thanks guys!


Well i tried to burn a backup of command and conquer zero hour which is safedisc 2.9 with my samsung burner and i cant get a perfect copy i need to use emulation for it to work with alochol, if anyone has any help id aprecciate it. THANKS!

Did you try the search?? Because if you did, you would have found this helpful guide very easily.

I’ve never heard of a 2 sheep Samsung so I very much doubt you’ll have any luck in attempting to copy any cd with sd 2.51+ protection (and as for sd 2.9 you can probably forget it).

You might have some luck with AWS with CloneCD, Ews with Blindwrite or Bypass efm error with alcohol (but use a cdrw for your tests and don’t get your hopes up :wink: ).