Does ritek still make good CD's?

I was looking on Newegg, and i saw these OEM plain ritek cd spindles that have 50+ 5-star ratings, even today.

I know ritek dvd’s are shitty, but does anyone know if that translates into bad cdr’s?

So far they are still OK but it is hard to say for how long. I got these a few weeks ago and they are a little better than CMC with no c2 errors.

yeah. both the peepee and gray color riteks have 5-egg ratings. this has been for over a year too.

i still have 4 year old CMC’s that read fine. can’t get worse than that.

No problem here, even with very cheap ones from an el- cheapo brand (Ridisc). Still excellent scans and no sign of early degradation. My last batch is from november 2004.

I generally like very much Ritek CDRs, about as much as I distrust their DVDRs. :bigsmile:

Ive never had a problem with Ritek CD-R’s. None have failed on me yet, some i have are almost 4 years old and still work fine. They only produce crappy dvd media though.

My CMC discs from about a year ago have started to fail, so i wont be trusting them again.

Typo. November 2005 .

Riteks cd-r’s have allways been highly fluctuating when it comes to quality but most stuff is from ussable to good these days except there 90 minutes stuff which I recommend not to use !!

Ritek CD-Rs can last 100 years…according to Ritek:

All DVDR and CDR media will last 100 years according to all the manufacturers. Plain marketing bull$it. :rolleyes:

Wouldn’t know. I have given up on Ritek as a whole for the reasons Dakhaas has mentioned. I stick with TY exclusively now for CD-R and DVDR. It has saved me alot of hassle.

Ritek CDR’s were, and still are, the best choice for some burners. In some cases producing better burns at high speed than even TY. But this is certainly not universal and is usually speed-related. They also tend to hold up better in heat and light than TY. Like all Ritek, I believe it depends on what brand they are sold under. In the USA, I think Ridata is the “top” of the heap for Ritek, and Maxell.

And there you have it. I listen to rdgrimes when he talks. Thanks for the answer.

I more or less confirm this, my Ritek CDRs 97m15s17f (I’ve used lots of the Philips, Maxell and Ridisc ones, both printable and regular discs) give extremely good burns up to @40X in my Nec 3540, with low and steady jitter levels (7% to 8.5%), and error levels only slightly higher than TY (0.8 to 1.5 average C1 errors).

The TY 97m24s01f that I use, while still giving the lowest C1 error levels at all speeds (0.4 to 1.2 average C1 errors), can’t be burnt in this burner at higher speeds than 24X without resulting in higher jitter levels (>13%) than the Riteks.

Still, I use a Benq 1640 to test for jitter, I’m not 100% sure I can rely on its jitter reporting. As with audio CDRs I can detect audible problems only when reported jitter gets over 25% (which happens only with crappy media :bigsmile: ), I don’t have a solid basis to judge of these jitter variations.

Also, using a good dedicated CDR burner would probably change the perspectives.

Anyway, the point is that until things change, I would definitly keep on recommending Ritek CDRs as an good alternative to MCC and TY. :iagree: In my experience the Maxell-branded ones are the best choice, but as I mentioned in a post above, even the el-cheapo Ridisc-branded ones didn’t let me down :cool: