Does ripping cause damage?

if you try to rip movies on DVD, does it damage your DVD drive?

It is causing the drive to read at a high rate of speed for a sustained period, so it is not damage but increased wear. Given the low cost of DVD ROM drives, around $22, I wouldn’t worry. I usually replace drives long before they wear out just to get newer features.

Nothing to worry about - there is no friction wear on your disc other than the laser, but the disc can handle millions and millions of passes. No it will not damage your DVD-ROM drive, these days they have a high MTBF and cycle duty ratings which usually anywhere between 10 to 25% of the estimated MTBF - in other words those drives are meant for intermittant use - which translates to…if you are spending 12 hours a day ripping movies, chances are your drive will not last as long.

…its just that i tried ripping, then after a few minutes i noticed a problem with my new DVD drive which i didnt have before, it couldnt read / or spin the disk properly, it only settled after i re-inserted the DVD-RW disc 2nd time.