Does PX-716A have any additional scan capabilities over PX-712A?

I want to buy a Plextor DVD burner mainly for media scanning with PlexTools and maybe PxScan/PxView. I already have a LG-4163B which I am very happy with.

Question: Do I get any additional scanning features if I go for the PX-716A ? There is not too much information regarding media scanning on the Plextor website. I could save roughly 50 Euro going with the older PX-712A.

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forums gandhi2,

The Plextor PX-716A supports one additional test in PlexTools’ Q-Check options. This feature is called TA Test which is used to check the readability of written DVDR discs. If your recorded discs have problems being played in standalone DVD players you can use the TA Test to check if the readbility of the disc is good or not. Other than that, the PX-716A supports the same options as the PX-712A. Of course, when it comes to supported write speeds, the PX-716A supports faster speeds and DL media.

Thanks a lot for this information. I guess the PX-712A will be ok for me.

Nonetheless I am eagerly awaiting your review of the PX-716A - joining a lot of other people here :wink:

Great work - thank you guys