Does explode the myths about internet piracy?

I just posted the article Does explode the myths about internet piracy?.

  The Music  Industry, namely the IFPI, the organisation representing the international recording  industry, has been building a multilingual site called The  website was...
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Bah, it seems like in order for a new industry to be born the old one needs to crash and burn. I long for the day when musicians become musicians again and singers are singers. I’m sick of all this pop idol Britney Spears and P.Daddy shit. Who is illegal downloading going to hurt? The flimsy artists who make money off image and not talent, that’s who…and hopefully RIAA CEO’s who’ve outlived there usefullness in the industry. They should go take there 100 million they’ve already mouched off people and go away.

“The price of a CD has fallen or remained static in most countries, but piracy has got worse. When you pay for a CD, you’re paying for the heavy costs involved in developing, making and distributing music. The people who pay these costs cannot compete with music given away for ‘free’.” Really? Then why is it that the same costs go into making audio tapes, but those still cost almost HALF as much as CDs? What a load of propagandistic crap. Nix

CD’s are sold at 10 times their cost. The prices they charge are a result of what they consider an acceptable profit. Seems the definition of “acceptable” to them, means artificially inflated prices under a cartel monopoly restricting entry from competitors.