Does Plextor 760a work OK from an ADS Pyro 1394 External Box



Does the PLextor 760a work in a ADS Pyro 1394 External Firewire :a BOx.
I am trying to use this drive with a Dell 8200 Inspiron and the ADS box is hooked up via firewire.
The only people on this site who have tried an external drive box have tried with a USB2 connect and they say that the 760A will only reach max of 8x
not 18x. Will a fiewire connect work better?
Haven’t bought the drive yet to test. Has anyone tried this?


I’ve tried a 760a in a box equipped with both Oxford 911+ (firewire) and Cypress AT2+ (USB 2.0). The 760 acted very strange on firewire, but USB was no problem to hit 16x speeds via my laptop w/5400 rpm drive. Since I can’t use firewire, I’ve taken the 760 out of that enclosure and put it in one with the NEC USB chipset. Works fantastic in there.


Basically, the 760 does work with USB2 as well as with Firewire. How well it does work may depend upon the electronics used to implement the USB/FW interface.

Here you can see the possible transfer rates that can be achieved with a Prolific 3507 interface. Remember that USB2 is 480Mbs and FW 400 is 400Mbs, thus FW not reaching 16x is normal.

Update the 760 to the lastest FW (1.06) since that one solves some DMA problems in conjunction with USB/FW interfaces:

Also remember, that those interfaces usually have a firmware too. You should find updates either on the Web-site of the case manufacturer or on the Web-site of the interface developer.

So the question boils down to: “What interface-electronics is used inside that box?”


I guess no one has the ADS pyro box. I thought this was a common external Enclosure. O well doesn’t look promising for the 760A.



While I’d agree with the speeds, when referred to in a theoretical sense, an Oxford 911+ enclosure will hit 18x. I’ve done so with an LG H22N. Ok, it was 17.9x, but keep in mind it was connected to my laptop docking station. Hook it up to a desktop with 7200 rpm drive and I have no doubt it’ll hit 18x.

Since the 1.06 firmware update to the 760A, I’ll have to retest it on FW in my external enclosure. I also have one of the Neo enclosures equipped with an NEC USB chipset. I’ve seen where Archane has hit 18x with a Sammy external and it has the NEC.

More testing…


1.06 didn’t make a difference with my 760A in an official Plextor UF case.