Does plextool supports USB drive settings?

How to save DVD read transfer rate changes with Pleaxtool 3.02?
From drive settings drop down menu I can pick a new DVD read rate but it isn’t saved. From preferences menu I have selected also save settings on exit, but still after exit there are the previous unchanged transfer rate.
I have PX-716UF on external USB box and trying to change from 5x-12x to 6x-16x. Fw. v. 1.02.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Those transfer rate settings are only temporary until some other application changes the read speed or you eject the disc.

You can enable Speed Read which will allow you to read pressed DVD-ROM media at 6-16x, but as far as I remember you cannot read any other DVD media faster than 12x on your PX-716.

I can’t even use Plextool DVD transfer read test at 6x-16x, it still remains the same 5x-12x. When I go back to speed selection pane it’s instantly changed back t o 5x-12x. I need this function mostly for DVD +R reading.

Like I just said, you can only get 6-16x reading speed with pressed DVD-ROM Single Layer media - not with any burned DVD media and not with DVD-ROM Dual Layer.

If you want/need 16x reading speed with burned media, you should get another DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive, e.g. BenQ DW1650/1655 or LiteOn(*) or NEC drive. Other recent drives may also be capable of 16x reading of burned media.

(*) Some LiteOn DVD burners only read at 16x for 16x certified media but read other DVD media at 12x.