Does PIE matter in DVDs when PIF is low?

like high PIE and low PIF?

matter any?

I prefer low PIFs than low PIEs but there’s no absolute standard guideline for that.

so no probs?

pifs are what matter right?

I would say lower PIF is better than low PIE, since ppl in other threads have said that PIF “is more indicative of how good the burn was.” I can say that when there is PIF clumping (a PIF block with no separation), it does seem to indicate a poorer burn in my experience. When I rescan my disks (I have a number of RitekG05s from when I didn’t know they couldn’t be reliable), I rescan sum1/PIF only to see if the errors are the same/within variance/or increasing

I will share this, that’s from scans I’ve seen and burns I’ve done so this is NOT scientific in any way:

<100 PIF total–truly exceptional
251-500–very good
801-1000–above average
2001-2500–below average
2501±-getting in uncharted territory and probably not good

Again, this is what I use to measure my burns by, although many of the ‘average’ and lower burns are still playable, but I’m suspicious of those higher PIF totals, so I will be rescanning those at 2 mo intervals to see how they hold up.

This has been discussed many times here before. While it’s true that PIE are not in and of themselves a big problem, there is a spec for them, which is 280 max at 1x scan speed.

The signifigance of PIE is in that high rates may eventually degrade into higher PIF rates. So they can be viewed as a sort of an indicator of the expected lifespan if the disc. All discs degrade over time, so it just makes sense that one with low PIE will so so more slowly.

Like PIF, PIE that are excessive in value, and particularly if they are closely packed (high total number), the disc can and will affect reading in many players.

Those players that are not “recordable disc friendly” will puke on such a disc regardless of the PIF rates. The same can happen with lower PIF rates if they are too closely packed.

It’s all relative to the reading drive.