Does Phoneline Networks Interfere with DSL?

My home’s network is basically two pc connected with my home’s phoneline using a Homefree Phoneline 10MB PCI Adapter on each pc. Now I got DSL a month ago and had some disconnect programs and during the troubleshooting period, I disconnected and disabled this network. Now I want one of the pc to host with a DSL connection while the other one would access the internet through the host through the network.

Now I understand how both the network and DSL won’t interfere with the telephone cause they use a different bandwith, but the question is will they interfere with each other? Cause they both use high frequencies right? Does anyone have this kind of network? I’m worried about mainly stablility, as in I don’t want disconnects, and also performance.

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You should use the DSL filters on the lines that will carry the network, if possible. I use a dedicated phone line in from the phone box to my DSL modem, which keeps it separate from the rest of the house.
Most likely, neither hardware provider will “support” concurrent use of the phone line, but i’d give it a shot anyway.

I have Intel Anypoint Home phoneline lan but I only have 56k dial-up. But looking at their site one of the most common problems with dsl is the need to put adapters on different subnets.

Well I use RASPPPOE 0.98, so I wonder if its the same as WinXP’s native PPPoE. But I’m sure someone out there has a combination of DSL and Phoneline network.


I have ADSL Alcatel USB modem , connected to the phoneline and a external 56kpbs modem , also connected to the phoneline (used for tele-banking).

Both work perfectly at the same time on the same phoneline.

Of course the DSL can interfere with the analog line or vice-versa , since they both use the same cable (line sharing) , but in general the signal is different , so you won’t notice. Maybe occasionaly some harmonic frequency of the one can interfere with another , but i doubt those signals are strong enough and get past the filters.

If you use higher speeds of DSL tough , it can be quite a problem. I have the basic adsl (512kbps i believe ?) and with that bandwith it should be no problem , but if you use 1mbit or higher , you can’t use line sharing anymore (so i’ve been told by my isp).

Oh no, I’m not talking about that kind of phoneline. I mean Phoneline, as in a type of network connection that uses your phonelines as cables with a transfer rate of 10MB. I’m worried cause it uses close to the same technology as DSL, like a high (or low, I don’t remember which, but basically a digital signal), to transfer data. I just don’t want it to interfere with my DSL. I have a choice, which is to just run a REALLY REALLY long phone line across my house to connect the two pcs, but if I can do it without dat, it be a lot better.


u could use a network solution through your power lines ? :wink:

Yea I know which one your talking about, the PNA Homeplug (or something) network. Its suppose to be 100MB I think, but the problem is that it costs helluva lot more than my Phoneline Network, which costs only 20 bux for two pci cards. ONLY TWENTY BUX!


I have delayed switching to DSL because of the same issues. I have 3 computers on a Homefree PNA and individual 56k modems. With one DSL modem I would need the network to reliably link each computer to the DSL or at least to the computer on which it is installed. One thought is to use my 2nd line for the homefree connection. It is currently the modem line and would be dropped in the DSL switch. The other concern is that the modem seems to have only ethernet jacks. So would I link it to the computer and then activate both the ethernet and pna devices. I noted in the PNA site that verizon offers a compatible modem but I assume that is not likely here. The home free 10 mb devices were about $25 for 5 USB/PCI and are great when they come up. The lack of support is the problem. Like you I am tired of being told to switch.