Does Packet Writing wear out CD-RW drive faster?



I’m sorry for my lousy english. Some of u may don’t understand what i say :o . what i mean is the packet writing (using software like INCD, DirectCD, and Mout Rainers) causes the CD-RW drive to die out faster? This is my personal opinion, is it true?


None can be absolute in this question.
The life of the drive depends on many factors: quality, how much you use it and if you get it hot e.t.c.

But i happen to think the same thing with you. I had a ricoh drive at 12x that died a year after i bought it. I used it with packet writing a lot and i had problems first with cd-rws and then with all (cdrs and even originan cds).

CDs are been writen with different way from cdrws, i think they need more power in laser. Now i use cdrws only for iso (write / erase / write again) and only to give big files to others.

But even if you are sure about the cdrw drive with packet writing you can never be sure about your data on the cdrws. Many problems can appear sow i wouldn 't recoment for backups. I use a another partition on the Hard Disk and montly cdrs for backups.


I use packet writing to write overflowed mp3s (from my 14 GB hardrive, not enough space with Unreal 2, Mafia, and Morrowind loaded :cool: ) . Last week i lost important data because of using f***ing packet write. Now i backed up my important by using multisession CD. Thanks for ur suggestion.