Does not work with Parallels

I am trying to use this DVD Fab on a Mac using Parallels and each time the DVD reads and ejects and gets ready to copy it says there is no blank media in to copy onto even though I have put a blank in the drive.

The blank is not faulty and it happens every time with every disk.

You don’t have to burn with dvdfab you can burn with any other program you like. I burn with Toast. Dvdfab’s burning programs is junk most people burn with ImgBurn.

I want to keep it a 1 step process though. Call me lazy :wink:

You need to try another burning program to determine a possible cause.

[QUOTE=Pagemakers;2239064]I want to keep it a 1 step process though. Call me lazy ;)[/QUOTE]

Download and install ImgBurn(it’s Free) then run Dvdfab. click options then write and select imgburn. click ok

Dvdfab will now use imgburn instead of the default one. All in one step!

I agree with Dialysis and sneaksone…this is very likely a VSO problem (Fab’s default burn engine).

While Img isn’t [I]quite as well [/I] integrated in Fab, you can still have completely seamless SL burns. You will still have to choose a layer break location on DL burns, but Img will populate a list for you you and it only requires a click of the mouse. …a small price to pay for a top-notch burn engine.

Img will also afford much greater configurablity. For eg., spend a few minutes to set up media and burn speeds and Img will remember this and burn a specific media in a particular burner and at a selected speed…everytime.

Please make the following change in Img to configure seamless SL burns:

[B]tools > settings > build > don’t prompt image details[/B]

BTW, I’m a huge fan of “lazy”…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. I know this feed is ancient but I thought I would share my personal success with DVDfab running on mac just in case anyone is searching for an answer. I am running an iMac 24" with snow leopard. I installed Windows 7 32 bit using bootcamp and then installed the latest trial of DVDfab. I am now able to not only rip, but burn movies using DVDfab with the default (VSO) burning engine enabled. Another words, I simply installed DVDfab and it works perfectly. I was not able to accompolish this using Parallels and a virtual installation of Windows 7. In this environment DVDfab would rip the movie just fine but could not detect the blank media I would insert after the rip. If you are going to use this method here is a quick how-to for you.
1). Go into applications under utilities and click bootcamp assistant.
2). follow wizard and partition your harddrive to your desire. bootcamp will then request the windows install disc.
3). The computer will reboot and then you must complete the windows install by following the wizard.
4). Once booted into windows you will need your OSx install disc to install all Windows drivers to support the hardware of your Mac.
5). Install DVDfab.
6). Burn Away!
Good Luck. :cool: