Does Not Recognize Rw Media

Ive got two different DVD RW drives, a BenQ 1640 and a Samsung SH-162D. I bought the samsung lately, installed in my new pc, and for my surprise, it doenst read most media properly, wont let me erase my RW media, it says its regular -R.
I thought it was a defective dvd drive problem, but as I tried it on my other pc, it works perfectly. Then I tried my other dvd drive(BenQ) in this PC and it has the same problems. Im guessing its either defective windows system files, or hardware problem… hopefully its the first… I could try to format all my system, but I dont really wanna do that again…
If someone knows all the system files required to dvd/cd run properly, I’d like to know, maybe if I replace them it might work.
My running on:
1024 Samsung Ram
GF 7600GS


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Have you got Alcohol 120 installed by any chance? I ask as this has caused similar problems reported here recently.

yes i have… well… i have in both pcs… one works perfectly the other not…

Try completely uninstalling it on the one that has the problem. I think it might be something about the installation getting slightly corrupt.

Unbelievebly U were right, if only I had known it were that simple… been flashin firmwares and so on, useless…
Thanks a lot for the rapid answers!

Not so unbelievable, I have been right before. :bigsmile: