Does not recognize media

I’ve read through the forums and have done all the steps. When I try to insert a dvd-rw or dvdr it says to insert a compatible media to start the write process. What’s the problem. Is there another way I can go about doing this. How do I do the ISO file thing. Do I need to use dvdshrink for this? Please help.

Hello, menzieto. Sometimes I have the same problem, but it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds until the light on your burner goes out, and then clicking on start.
Sorry to seem a reall smartypants, but I hope that this works for you as well.
See you later. Jim. :slight_smile:

I will try that when I get home from work. I don’t have any problems converting movies on my ipod.

Hi menzieto. When writing for your iPod the target is a hard disk folder, for DVDs it’s your burner (although you can write DVDs to your hard drive if you want to by clicking on the folder icon in the Target area). Make sure your DVD burner will accept the type of media you are trying to use, and as Jim said, give it a few seconds to get the media data into the burning engine and you should be OK.

Hi menzieto and welcome to cdfreaks.
Yup, agree with signals and Metallica Boy…usually a little extra patience (my impatience is often what causes my problems… :doh: ). First load the blank media disc and wait a few seconds before starting the burn. Ideally, if using 2 optical drives, load both discs…wait a few seconds prior to even opening the app.

Re: an .ISO rip
Open Fab, note at the top, the 2 drop down menus: “Source” and "Target"
Note the icons immediately to the right of the drop downs.
Near right icon = folder icon and represents file mode.
Far right icon = .ISO icon (image of disc with page overlay).
To rip to .ISO on your hdd, simply choose the .ISO icon on the target drop down…browse to desired location on your hdd and you should be all set.
(If using 2 drives and immediatley burning to a disc, just click the .ISO icon and leave your burner as the target).
To burn from a previous rip on your hdd, open the .ISO icon on the “source” drop down and navigate to desired .ISO file.

Hope this helps.