Does not eject disc when finished



Whenever I burn a DVD to the hard drive I would like it to eject the disc when it finishes. I’ve been searching through the config and can not find a solution. Is this option available?


This should be a fairly easy answer - that is, Should be…

When you start DVDFab, click on the check-mark on the top line. That’ll take you to the configuration options.

Go down the list to DVD - Write, and click on that.

There’ll be a list of configurable options, one of which will be to disable the disk tray from opening upon completion - make sure that is NOT checked, and your tray should now open at the end of the write cycle.

If that doesn’t work, you may have a small problem with your drive…



Hi Ruzzian,

Thanks for your suggestion, we may add it in future versions.

Best Regards,


So fengtao, is that checkbox if I’m burning ISOs then?


It should go into Settings, and checkbox of course.