Does Newegg ship on the weekends

I need something from newegg ASAP

I know their customer service is closed on the weekends, but do they ship and process orders on the weekend?

also if you had a choise of giving your money, same amount for same product would you give it to Newegg or reason being is that I beleive you can use your dollar to change the world (i love microeconomics) and if newegg is a great store but is owned by walmart, and supermediastore has great prices, but they are a puppet retailer the taiwanese corporations and my money is being funeled directly into some fat cats pocket… well i would definatly give it to supermediastore, the Walton family is far more evil than the chinese mafia :iagree:

but seriously, my more realistic captailist reason goes, if I give my money to company “X” they will be more profitable and will continue with great services and great prices, hopefully…

I have received shipping confirmation email from Newegg on a Sunday evening.

I am pretty happy with newegg as well. I have ordered many times (more then i can recall) and have had only one incident but there customer service was real fast to tell me to keep the two items and ship me the new one free of charge. and got them 3 days later. I give newegg an A+

FedEx does not pick up on weekends, so NewEggg cannot ship. They do process orders on the weekend though, and they go out on Monday.