Does Newegg sell Maxell made in Japan DVD-R's

I see they have a few selections of Maxell 8x DVD-R’s but it doesn’t specify if they are made in Japan or Taiwan. I tried the live chat but the guy said I would have to contact Maxell… LOL!

Here are the links.

P.S. if you know of an online store that sells Maxell DVD-R’s that are for sure made in Japan please let me know. :smiley:

There’s no way to know, and NewEgg will not promise anything. If you want MIJ you have to go to a store and find it.

You will have a hard time finding this as they have 8 different +/- media codes, at least, and the only Japanese ones I can find in 8X or 16X media are MXL RG04 and MXL RG03. If you want to be sure you wall have to go to a store as online inventory can change over night and even the best (Rima) has been mistaken about what they thought they had.

If you want to be certain about what you get you have to go to Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, for quality of course.

So anything that’s Taiyo Yuden would be high quality?

TY +R 8x is the best. TY -R 8X is good but only meets my standards on my NEC 4570 or on my LG 4163 at 4X. Some people have had less than top results with TY -R 16X. The US won’t import 16X +R so I cannot speak to that.

Verbatim is also very good in some burner/media combinations. What burner do you have.

I brought some Yuden000-T03-000 Made by Plextor back from the UK recently and they are not better than the Yuden000=T02-000 that you can buy here. I was dissapointed.;

I will be very sad when my “lifetime supply” of TY T02 runs out. I will be miserable when it is no longer available.

I think it’s a safe bet the second link will be MIJ Maxells; those aren’t regular retail discs.

AT $57 per 100 that is pricey. They better be MIJ.

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So other than Maxell what are the best DVD-R on the market that are easy to get?

See post #3 above.