Does new LiteOn 52246S have 0 offset read/write offset?

About offset correction which is often talked about for reading/writing an audio CD so that it is a 1:1 copy. For people who don’t know this is often talked about when using the software EAC to extract and copy audio CDs.

Has anyone tested the new 52246S LiteOn model?

The other day I copied an Audio CD using CloneCD and noticed that the CDR compared to the original (bit for bit comparision of CD image read after copying) are identical so it means there doesn’t seem to have an offset like with other writers, e.g. my Plextor 8432T. So the copy is identical (1:1 copy) to the original.

This either means that the LiteOn have an offset of 0 (great) or it has the same value for read/write offset. If it’s the first, then this drive is great - the first drive to have this feature.

I made a Nero CDSpeed Data Test CD and it showed a 0 offset also, which I thought was rather odd.

My 52246S is an upgraded 48126S, but I didn’t check the offset before I upgraded. I wonder if maybe it’s a series 6 thing.

Just my $0.02