Does new Europe law mean slammer for DRM crackers?

I just posted the article Does new Europe law mean slammer for DRM crackers?.

TheRegister has an intresting article for our European visitors and CloneCD users. The article speaks about upcoming European legislation that will not allow circumvention of copy protections and…

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Civil action! Oh yeah!

DAMN, soon I’m gonna have to move to RUSSIA ( the border is just 7 km from here ). they don’t care about the copyrights there…

I have a feeling new copy protections will make CloneCD obsolete before this legislation goes through.

WTF…now we’ll have to watch recording companies in the EU go through the hessian bag and ashes routine the frigging RIAA staged for the worlds benefit…will these pissants ever learn…:7

ha - well organizations and ppl - have to understand that we live in a world - that id not fair. if a user is to use legit software - buy original games and cds - then he must be making a n awful lot of money …which is not the case. So either there would not be a market, to buy the copyright protected “goodies” or prices would have to come tumbling down. either would not be good for them. Just imagine that … i cannot understand how those “bussinessmen” are so stupid… but then again most of them are gambling with non existant money, in the stock exchanges - and mortgage peoples souls. HA !

Then the HW and SW lobby should also wake up and take some actions to save their business. Was it only pure chance that Liteon suddenly sold so much drives or could it be that there was something behind? Plextor would also be affected. And a lot of developers, and many many more… And of course the ppl shouldn’t accept that a handful of idiots is about to change the fundaments of the society.