Does new BW 4.2.2 need BWA Builder?

For secure rom new games does 4.2.2 still need to use BWA builder? I have noticed that from blindwrite’s web site that insektor doesn’t have BWA builder included in the zip file anymore. Does this mean it isn’t needed any more with the new version?



I removed the bwabuilder from insektor package, because the latest version of bwabuilder is included in the blindwrite 4.2.2 package.

at this time BWA files are required for securom new.

the Blindwrite 4.2.2 provide safedisk 2.8 support.

you have to wait the next version ( tomorrow I think ) for a newer version of bwabuilder. but very small changes anyway.

Ahh, I see it now. I thought that somehow it was integrated into the application itself. I didn’t think to look in the install directory for the .exe.


it will be integrated into the application, but please be patient. it takes time, and we prefer add new features, and collect a lot of feedback before integrating into the application.