Does Nero Warn of Copy Protection?

I am totally new to the DVD world. I have a BenQ DW1650 and am currently using one of the Nero demo software suites (monthly trial basis). This seems like a real good program, I will probably end up purchasing it. When I go to copy a DVD that has copy protection (of any kind), will Nero tell me when I attempt to copy or will I just burn a bad disk? What program is recommended for dealing with protection? Do these types of programs rip to the hard drive while stripping the protection, then you have to burn using a program like Nero?

It depends on the copy protection! :slight_smile: Generally, no, it won’t, you will get a bad disc. But if it is using defective sectors, you will notice it.
I like Alcohol 120% for creating backup copies. Most modern copy protections cannot be copied 1:1, there are other ways (DPM, drive emulation)…