Does Nero pickup DVD43Free decrypter?

I have 1clickDVDCopy etc and have used them successfully with regular -R/RW but was wondering as I have the full Nero 6.6 suite and knowing that Nero wont decrypt DVD Movies, does it pick up DVD43Free if you’ve used it first when inserting the disk?
I’m asking this because of dual layer and my DVD player only plays -R/RW and most media in my area that’s DL seems to be + and I think you can tell Nero to code as DVD-ROM which solves the possible conflict.
OK I’m new to this subject so am probably talking total gibberish, hopefully you know what I mean.

I have no idea what the topic - DVD43Free - has to do with +R/DL and -R/RW?


  1. DVD43Free sucks. It hasn’t been developed in forever. It does nothing that DVD Decrypter doesn’t… only DVD Decrypter doesn’t SUCK. There are plenty of programs to rip with that don’t SUCK.

  2. Changing the booktype of a disc won’t magically make your player play it. If the laser doesn’t like +R/DL, you’re just SOL. That said, you could TRY it… never hurts to try it once.

Thanks. I guess trying it and see is the best way.
Re: DVD43Free (or DVD Decrypter) if that is used to decrypt a commercial DVD movie, will Nero then detect the decrypted image…that was my question.

Found my answer…thanks.