Does Nero installs codecs during setup?

Hi everyone!

Here’s my doubt:

Does Nero (the burning package) installs codecs during the setup?
Does it installs some kind of DivX/Xvid codecs automatically?

I want to install the program without any additional installation of codecs because I presume it can cause conflicts with codecs already installed in my computer.


FranZ, a very good question and I would want to know this if I were you.

I would ask Nero this question. They have to know. Good luck.

I’ve never had a codec problem as a result of nero…nero recode is a seperate package that may have it’s own. I’m thinking it uses the codecs installed already on your pc

how can I install Nero without the crappy codecs?

Install a full version of vlc, and that will install better codecs…just a guess, but can’t hurt…:slight_smile:

The burning package of Nero does NOT install codecs. At least it didn’t in 6.x, I haven’t installed 7 yet so I don’t know about that.

But NERO DIGITAL (the package which includes Nero Recode and Nero Showtime) does very specifically install codecs. And they’re BAD codecs. The kind that utterly f*** your system’s ability to playback AVI’s on a semi-permanent basis. The kind you can’t remove. The kind that register themselves as the ultimate be-all and end-all codecs for filetypes you already have perfectly good decoders for.


I’ve never had any problems with NERO codecs. However, if you have more than one BURNING suite installed, certain DLL files can conflict


The actual xvid codec from xvid… has a priority in the system of “4”. The Nero codec for xvid… has a priority of “FFFF”. That means the real xvid codec will NEVER render xvid if the Nero one is installed.

I’m shocked that you’ve never had a problem, since the Nero xvid codec is terrible.