Does Nero have problems burning DVD+R?



I’m trying to track down a problem I’ve been having recently. I have a Benq 1620 and I’ve had some compatibility problems with +R media on standalone players. I have a Panasonic F61 player, and my friend has a Panasonic CV52 (both are supposedly able to read +R). Here’s what I’ve found:

All discs are bitset to -ROM automatically:

Ritek R03 +R: Plays on F61, doesn’t play on CV52
CMC F01 +R: Plays on F61, doesn’t play on CV52
Optodisc OR4: Doesn’t play on either
MCC 004 (Verbatim): Doesn’t play on either
Verbatim DVD+R DL: Plays on F61, doesn’t play on CV52
Ritek DVD+R DL: Doesn’t play on either

In all cases except the Ritek DL, the error/disk quality scans came up as not very bad to excellent.

All of these were burned using Nero 6.6. I’m starting to question whether my drive is going, because it didn’t burn MCC 004 well at all and it’s starting to coaster other media that’s been fine for a lot of burns.

But I figured I’d ask here as well. Anyone had similar problems? Is it possible that Nero doesn’t write all +R quite right?

PS. Just so we’re clear, I’m not bashing Nero… just trying to track down a problem.



Are you trying to play a PAL format DVD on a NTSC only DVD player? You will have better luck with a cheap Apex.


Try 4X burn speed. Since you already have DVD-ROM book type, you may want to try Yuden000 T02 or RicohnJpn 01/02.


Ritek DL doesn’t play anywhere, that’s normal.

PS. Just so we’re clear, I’m not bashing Nero…
there would be nothing wrong if you were… did you try making a dvd-video compliant disc (i.e. NOT using Nero)?

The media you used was partially of bad quality, but at least MCC-004 should not be rejected due to poor quality, not even if you recorded it at 16x


sounds like a panasonic dvd player issue to me.Try another model player all together and see.


Exaclty. Panasonic players have more problems with incompliant discs than a lot of others


right as rain my friend.Here in the states they are touted as players that will play any format and I haven’t seen but a few that play + media or bitset + media at all.Go with a pioneer.You won’t regret it.


Thanks guys!

It is not a PAL disc.

Some of those will only burn at 4x anyway (like the Optodisc) but I will try that.

I have not tried doing this without Nero, but I will. When you say “noncompliant” what do you mean exactly? The files are in the correct format and in the video_ts folder, so I’m assuming you’re talking about structure on the disc or something along those lines?

I will try another brand of DVD player… but it seems like if that was the problem no +R would play, instead of just certain brands, assuming the burn quality was approximately equivalent. But I don’t know that for a fact (although I do know the burn quality).


The files are in the correct format and in the video_ts folder, so I’m assuming you’re talking about structure on the disc or something along those lines?
Exactly. For example, an IFO and its BUP file must not be placed in the same 32 kB sector of a DVD-Video. Nero blatantly violates this. I’ve given a link in the DVD Video thread in the Nero forum


Wow, that’s exactly the type of thing I was thinking was going on (I mean, not that specifically, but something like that). It’s a shame that none of the companies have incorporated a fix into their products.

I will try the other method, a lot of what I burn is outputted from Premiere as a burnable image.

Both the Panasonics I have access to don’t have trouble with -R media though. This is mainly important for my friend (who I’m transferring home movies for), because it means I can usually only use -R.

I do have what turns out to be a great player, according to the lists over at… a Pioneer DV525 from 5 years ago. Still works fine, I just wanted a changer, which is why I switched to the Panasonic. I’m going to hook the Pioneer up, and if it works, the Panny is going to Ebay.


try compling a dvd iso using imgtool classic. compatibility will be high.

ImgTool Classic is used to build DVD video compliant images from dvd root directories. It is mostly a GIU for a command line tool called mkisofs. This tool is taken from the famous CDR-Tools suite of Jörg Schilling. These tools are published under the General Public License. ImgTool Classic uses a slightly changed version of mkisofs.

Since version 0.90 build 8 ImgTool Classic can burn the generated images directly using DVDDxxxxxxxr (enable this in settings dialog).

another easy way is to use dvd shrink, save as iso, burn with dvd decrypter. done.


imgtool classic is what alexnoe referred to as well… that’s what I will try.

I read, though, that Shrink does the same thing as Nero (which, as I understand it, is put the files as close as possible together instead of leaving the required gap between them).

Also, the old Pioneer plays everything that the Panny wouldn’t, even the Ritek DL! Should’ve stuck with it all along.


so is shrink guilty of creating a crappy iso too ? damn !


Just to avoid confusion:
DoulbleLayer mastering does not work that way :stuck_out_tongue: mkisofs can’t define a layer break or something like that. If you make a backup to a doublelayer disc, just read and write with dvd decrypter…


hey. i have all the latest versions of nero, all 16 app’s.

i burn a dvd using my Samsung TS-H552U dvd burner.

i play the dvd on my ps2 and says, unable to read disc at a certain point on the disc.

how can i fix this problem?