After studying for a couple weeks about the different programs they have ou there
i think i am going to purchase Nero and Dvd Shrink. I have one single ? before i buy,
with theses tools used correctly can i burn a copy of a Dvd with no problems.
My main goal is to only burn dvds that have already been burnt. I am NOT trying to
burn originals. Please help and any advice is greatly appreciated.
Basicaly can this software do this, and if not then what can?


If I understand you correctly - you want to copy already burned DVD’s-

If so - all you need is a cheapo copy of Nero 6 Express ($6 or so) and do a “Disc Copy”

DVD Shrink would be of no use to you in this particular situation IMO


Then there is no need to purchase anything. If you are just making a backup of a backup, then all you need is DVD Decrypter. It is legal freeware. Just read the disc in ISO mode to your computer HD and then select the ISO file and write back in ISO mode to DVDR. Simple enough and it won’t cost you a penny. The only reason to have Shrink or Nero would be if you were going to backup original discs, even then you wouldn’t need Nero as you can now have shrink link to DVD Decrypter and burn your Shrink projects in ISO mode (using DVD Decrypter).