Does Nero convert .avi to DVD format?

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I’m a first time poster.

I purchased my first DVD burner a couple of years back and it came with Nero software. Nero 6 I think it is. I have never managed to burn movies that are .avi or divx formats as they don’t work on the DVD player.

So I have been using ConvertXtoDvd instead. But I’m getting bored with it and I am considering purchasing the latest Nero.

Does the latest version of Nero enable you to convert .avi to a format where it can be played on all DVD players, or is it a program just for divx DVD players?

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The NeroVision part of the package does the avi to DVD format conversion & does it quite well…

Yes Nero 7 will put just about anything on dvd/cd. The only thing I’ve had trouble with is xvid but I can do that with an earlier version of your convertx2dvd called divx2dvd. Another good thing about nero7 is the seemless interaction between its apps.

Nero 7 has some problems converting .avi to DVD format, depending on which type of files you are using. The biggest problem seems to be a conversion in the audio section that leaves the audio out of sync with the video. You can search for threads about this problem, and I have yet to see a definite answer for the situation. But many suggest using ConvertX to convert the files prior to placing in NeroVision 4 to avoid this situation. The files you have may work fine, however.

I have not experienced the audio sync problem myself, but mine are not DivX or such types. Many of the problems might be caused by the encoding on the original file and may not be compatible with Nero.

Overall, the program seems to work well and has utilities for just about anything you might want to do.

I quite like that idea.

So when I convert my video .avi files using ConvertXtoDvd. How do I then get these files into Nero? What Nero app do I use?


If you use ConvertXToDVDyou can burn to DVD directly from within it, although I’d never recommend that personally. Not just with this app but with any conversion process.

Nero can then be used to burn the resulting files to a DVD disk in DVD Video format.

I wasn’t aware of any issue in Nero 7 about audio sync, I’ve used Nero 6 on a few occasions without any such problem.

You can use the converted files in NeroVision just like an .avi. It will take many types.

I even converted an .avi to mp4 using NeroRecode yesterday and it seemed to work. One warning about Recode, make sure and check the default settings for aspect ratio and resolution, just in case it is not what you want.

But as before, try it first without converting, it may work fine on your files.

I tried to burn an .avi file to DVD using NeroVision and as it srarted to burn and it couldn’t complete the task. What am I doing wrong?


You need to save the error log & post it back here.

Also I never burn directly from a conversion program like NVE. I prefer to save the converted video as either an ISO image (Image Recorder) or hard disk folder/files. In that way you won’t start a burn & waste a disk if the conversion fails. Also it’s easier to identify the point of failure when it’s done separately.

Bah! It gone now. But when you say convert .avi to an ISO image, does that play in any DVD player?

Also, in Nero Recode, which option do I choose; Convert an entire DVD to DVD, Recode main movie to DVD, Compile a DVD, Recode DVDs and Video to Nero Digital OR Recode main movie to Nero Digital?


When an ISO image is created it can be burned to a DVD with Nero Burning ROM or , better still , ImgBurn. The end result is exactly the same as burning direct from NVE but with the advantages I’ve outlined.

Not sure what you’re asking about Recode. I think I’ve perhaps just answered what you were after. If not then we’ll try again on this.

Sorry, what I mean to ask. How do I make my movie an ISO image?

In NeroVision you get the option to set the output device. Currently this will be showing your burner I guess. Click the drop down menu & select Image Recorder (that’s what it’s called in Nero 6 anyway). At some point then you’ll be asked for the file name & type. I think it defaults to NRG which is Nero’s own. Select ISO image from the dropdown & then enter your own file name & I think click save.

I can’t be totally specific as to the sequence here as I very rarely use NeroVision.

Any file conversion utility will do the trick. The problem is IIRC due to VBR audio streams.

Hey all,

i have read the posts so far and i am hoping someone can help me out, i am currently trying ConvertXtoDvd but my questions is this,

I have used Nero vission all the time and it works perfect my problem exhists when the *.avi file is bigger than 700mb, i dont have the option to use Nerovision on anything bigger than a cd.

I have selected the Burn to image recorder in nero 6 and i get the following error

“recording this project may be unsuccessful and could produce unusable results. do you still want to start recording” i select yes and when it gets to the end it says the device requires more space than you are providing on your current location. i have specified a 1tb hdd with atleast 500gb left on it.

anyone got any ideas how to get nerovission to actualy burn on a dvd and not just through svcd on a cd?