Does Nero Convert AC3 Audio to MP3 or MP4? or CDA?



I’ve used DVD Decypter to rip a DVD’s Audio to AC3. Nero Showtime plays this audio both straight from the vob (demuxed) and from an .ac3 file (raw).

Since Nero plays AC3, and encodes MP3; I was wondering why I can’t figure out how to make it convert tracks from the former to the latter.

I understand there are freeware tools like BeSweet or Besure or Headache, but was hoping someone new how to do this, preferably with Nero. I’m not sure I understand the guides for the above freeware applications anyway.

Wave Editor does not read AC3.


If you only know how to use BeSweet or the like, and wouldn’t mind explaining, I’d appreciate that, too. Thanks again.


When I was doing this the easy thing to do is to use GoldWave “Batch convert”, then “Maximise” volume filter, then convert audio to PCM WAV, it should take around 1/10 real time, and is very high quality.

Ben :slight_smile:


With the AC3 plugin from correctly installed (note that the directory is different for 5.x and 6.3), Nero Burning and Wave Editor can both handle AC3 - just tested it.

Had a look at the configuration settings, and very quickly left - a little more documentation needed, so best not to touch them from defaults - does anyone understand them?


I tried that and it does read it - but I get a ton of static when I preview the ac3 file. Any ideas?


Just discovered a cool one-stop tool to do what I wanted; guess I’ll pass this along…

DVD Audio Extractor

Takes audio straight from selected titles or chapters of DVD disks to .wav, .mp3, .ogg, cd image, etc… And can create individual tagged .mp3’s for each song (chapter) automatically in batch processing. Simple and Easy! Enjoy.

Works with AnyDVD for protected disks.