Does Nero CD/Speed create disc use the Nero Rom burning engine?

I have burned a few .iso images using nero create disc burn iso option…the the image burns faster and often with a nicer quality than using Nero micro

I use Nero CD/DVD speed 4.60 and Nero micro

any thoughts

Nero CD-DVD Speed uses its own burn-engine; it doesn’t rely on Nero at all.

If you get different burn quality from different burn programs using the same speed, drive, firmware and media, then it’s probably just random variation.


what is preferred dvd/cd authoring program?

To burn ISO’s…ImgBurn :wink:

I tend to use different programs for different things. For example, for creating audio CDs from files, I like Burrrn.

Thank you …what about data burning

DeepBurner (the free version) seems OK for data discs - one problem though, is it won’t do disc-to-disc copies (I’ve had to use ImgBurn in “Build” mode to create an ISO of the disc, then burn that ISO).

I’m investigating different freeware which hopefully will do it. :wink:


then have a look at :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael, downloading now :flower:

Thanks I found this ealier and went ahead and made a donation to get the latest beta, that allows DL burning as well

just waiting to have access…not crazy about .net, though

ImgBurn is also perfect for data backups as it can build an ISO from files on your hardrive on-the-fly while burning to disc, so there’s no reason to use anything else than ImgBurn also for data backups, and not only for burning pre-built ISOs.

You can’t create multi-session CD/DVDs with ImgBurn, so if that’s important to you then you need another burning program such as e.g. Nero.

You also can’t create UDF volumes with any version other than 1.02 with ImgBurn, if that is somehow important to you. I don’t know why it would be important, but somebody asked about that very recently.

There may be other advanced features not available in ImgBurn that I have forgot to mention.

thanks…will download this as well…

I tried cdburnerxp pro…last posted version but can burn a dvd .iso…I made a donation for the beta and waiting to get access to try it

Yeah, sorry about that - I should have mentioned that in my post, but as i personally never make multi-session discs myself, then it slipped my mind :o

Also, ImgBurn can copy CD/DVDs, but as it can’t do a sector-by-sector image of the source disc, but only copies the files instead, then you can’t make copies of e.g. program CDs like Windows XP as the bootblock of the source disc won’t be copied over.

Thank’s for the correction :slight_smile:

BTW when creating an iso…do you choose
ISO9660 + UDF…this was default or

ISO9660+ Joliet

Multisession is ok…but I do not use this much now

For DVD-Video you should always use ISO9660 + UDF(v1.02). For data backups, then i personally use UDF by itself as it is the least restrictive in filename length and directory depth. Also i see no reason to add an ISO9660 filesystem to the UDF one, since UDF is supported by default from Win98(v1.02) and onwards. ISO9660 is very restrictive in filename length, directory depth and allowed characters. Joliet is an extension to the ISO9660 fileformat which lossens the restrictions somewhat and adds unicode*.

*ImgBurn currently dosen’t support unicode.

Thank you awesome info :bow:

I use clonedvd to create my dvd backup .iso…so I just need the Img Burn for data…so UDF it is

BTW is there any program along the lines cdburnerxp, img burn that will allow one to create a LS label?

I’m not sure why you mention ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP (Pro), but if what you want is freeware programs for burning LightScribe labels, then there are two available from the official LightScribe site: [text copied from that site]

SureThing 4 SE
A free version of SureThing 4 SE is available for download here. This application can be used to create and print your LightScribe label. You will still need CD/DVD authoring software for your data burning as usual.

LightScribe Simple Labeler
A free version of LightScribe Simple Labeler is available for download here. LightScribe Simple Labeler software helps you make fast, simple labels in three easy steps. You can enter text in your favorite font, choose a border, and finish burning your label in under 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

It was not so much freeware but bloat free programs that seem to work well

I forgot about Surething 4 se

I know you indicated the Nero should burn as well as cd/dvd speed but in general I get a better burn with it(could just be media variation?)

I would love to have a bloat free, good burning program that does data, images, audio, labeling(though I doubt I will ever use it)…I really used to like Nero and may just go back to version 6…but it still bunrs 10-20 sec slower with no better quality than cd/dvd speed burn engine(the time isnt the issue as much as no loss of quality for a very small program)