Does Nero 6 work with Sony Vaio Laptop?

My wife recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop (her third – she likes the style). We can’t get it to burn DVDs, although CDs burn fine. She called Sony support and they told her this is a known issue with Nero. Sony support says that Nero will work fine for a period of time but then out of the blue corrupt the registry and DVDs can no longer be burned.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Is it even possible? I think it’s a hardware problem and the tech just wanted to get her off the phone.

BTW – we’ve also tried the other DVD-burning software that comes with the computer and nothing will burn a DVD.

I can take the media to my computer and Nero reports that the media is fine.

Any ideas?

Tom (and wife Vicky)

The first step i would try is running the cleantool on the computer. Once clean, reinstall the latest version of Nero. Are you running Nero 5.5 or Nero 6?

Thanks for the response, Mike. I guess there aren’t many people using Sony laptops :slight_smile:

She’s using Nero 6 (bought it in a box at Best Buy). We ran the clean tool and before re-installing Nero we tried to burn with the program Sony supplies with the laptop. CDs burn just fine, but DVDs aren’t recognized. I still think it’s a hardware issue.

Thanks again. I’ve been using Nero for several years and have never had an issue with it. I think it’s a great program.