Does Nero 6.6.x compatible with Windows Vista?


Does Nero 6.6.x compatible with Windows Vista??? Do i have to buy Nero 7.x?


Try the microsoft visa compatabilty program on your computer this will let you know but I don’t believe it is!

As far as I know, only the last version or 2 ( Nero 7 are compatible with Vista. I ran them for a while and they seemed to work OK. Some folks had problems with opening video files, but I think that was a problem with their setup. Otherwise, if it doesn’t say “Vista Ready” it might not work.

I do think I remember some folks using a version of Nero 6, but I don’t know if it was causing problems for them. You might go on the Microsoft Vista group and see if anyone there knows for sure.

Even the latest Nero 7590A is not VISTA compatible according to Nero Rep Nero for VISTA will be out by March 2007.