Does NEC ND-3540A require WinXP Serv. Pack 2?

Hi, I just bought an NEC ND-3540A to replace my old Lite On LDW-811S. On the website I bought it at, it mentioned in the specs about PC requirements. I surpassed all of them except for having Windows XP SP2, as I only have SP1 installed. Now maybe I’m just a stubborn jackass for not wanting to update to SP2, but if my PC isn’t broke, I’m not messing with it. However, if my new NEC needs SP2 to function correctly, I will update. I have already installed the drive and everything went smoothly. I successfully ripped a DVD, and burned it on a TYG02 (which played fine in my stand-alone player). The only thing I noticed was that the NEC had a top ripping speed of around 7.5x, when my Lite On would rip the same DVD at speeds of up to 12-13x. Is this because of the riplock? Or because I don’t have SP2? If anyone knows the answer to this, please let me know! On a related note, is there a tutorial on how to use Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.01? Something that explains what all the squiggly lines mean in layman’s terms, perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you! :bigsmile:

it’s the riplock

try using liggy/dee’s modified firmware with riplock removed and region free (rpc1)
it can be found on their new website, just seach for the 3540 modified firmware thred in this forum

“it’s the riplock”

Yep :slight_smile:

No existing hardware or software “needs” SP2 anyway. Just marketing stuff.
The 3540A works pretty well with Windows98 actually :bigsmile:

Thanks for the replies! I didn’t think I needed SP2, but wasn’t totally sure. Now, I’m sorely tempted to flash this drive with Liggy and Dee’s new 1.W5 firmware, but am too chicken to void my warranty… :doh: Can I flash back to stock 1.01 if I have to? As for my other question, anybody have a link to a tutorial for Nero CD/DVD Speed? Thanks again!

While the drive itself does not need SP2 and as Francksoy says it will even work on Win98. Some features in burning software might require SP2 to function correctly.

You can flash your drive to any compatible firmware, but once your warranty is void its void. :slight_smile:

Yep. :iagree:

MaphistoFemme, read the words of the wise code65536 in the Posting guidelines of the Optical Drive forums announcement:

Please do take responsibility for what you do. If you “mod” (unofficially modify) your optical drive (e.g., loading an unofficial region-free firmware), you are technically voiding your warranty, because while such things may be fun and might improve performance, they are not sanctioned by the manufacturer. If you damaged your drive by “modding” it, you should accept the consequences and do not send the drive in for a replacement, as that is unfair to the manufacturer and raises the costs for the rest of us.

Regards, :slight_smile:


That’s pretty much what I figured… I’ll just play around with my NEC at factory spec, and if I feel that it’s worth it, will flash to modded firmware. And if it doesn’t go as planned…what the hell, I only paid $45.00 for it anyway! As for the words of code65536, I wouldn’t try to backflash my drive and send it back to Newegg as if nothing had happened. That’s just wrong. :a I only asked about flashing back to stock firmware in case the mod doesn’t work for me, and I want to go back to what I started with. I have faith that it will work, however! I just want to get rid of that pesky riplock! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again for all the replies! I love this site, and hope to remain a member for a long time! You guys (and gals) rock!!! :bow:

Of course, I wasn’t thinking that you wanted to do that. :slight_smile: I malnly put in evidence the posting guidelines 'cause they are well written and it is worth reading them.

Have fun at CDFreaks, :smiley:


Yo MF-

If you flash to Liggy’s that you can find here:

It would look like 101e to anyone that was looking at firmware IMO

I am using it on my 3540 and am very happy with it - and it gives you riplock removed and bitsetting-


(btw - where are you in CA?)

I’m right outside San Francisco. Good ol’ Bay Area! I was thinking of flashing to 1.W5, but I don’t really want RPC1, since all of my DVDs are region 1, and I have no desire to try to make my WinDVD and other crap on my PC region free (what a hassle). I just want riplock removal and bitsetting! Your suggestion is great! I forgot that 1.W5 is based on LD 1.01e anyway. I think I’ll just back up my factory firmware, and flash to LD 1.01e. Thanks for settin’ me straight!

Yo MF-

I’m in Half Moon Bay - so - we are almost neighbors-eh!!!

btw-you may want to consider a good reader/ripper like a LiteOn 1693s or an AOpen 1648/aap Pro - 'cause the 3540 is NOT a very good reader/ripper and the other two are VERY good-eh!


p.s. - I get the “Femme” part - but don’t get the “Maphisto” part - even googled it and came up empty-

I considered the Lite On, but I just had one, and wanted a change of pace (don’t flame me).
As for my name…
Maphisto is an alternate spelling of Mephisto, which comes from a German classic of the same name (written by Klaus Mann), about Nazi Germany. One of the main characters sells his soul to the demonic spirit Mephistopheles for power or something like that…I picked this name as a testament to my dark side, which can flow freely on the Internet. :bigsmile:

Yo MF-

Mephisto is also a very popular ladies shoe line-eh!

Back to the liteOn - am only suggesting it in tandum with your 3540 - using the LiteOn as the reader/ripper and the 3540 as the writer - that way you draw upon the strengths of the individual units-


It would be a fantastic idea, except for one small problem…I have next to no money for a second drive. Also, I don’t think the power supply would support my running three drives at once, although I could just yank out the Sony CD-RW…hmmmm…I’ll look around and see how cheap I can get an OEM Lite On.
Thanks! :flower:


Hint - visit the Bargain Basement forum often - the postings on deals is fantastic - there was a LiteOn CD-DVD-ROM last week for $20 shipped from Newegg!!