Does NEC 2500A have trouble reading scratched DVDs?

I just ordered a NEC-2500a. I was considering two options: The NEC 2500 or the Pioneer DVR 107.

I THOUGHT I did all my homework and determined that overall the NEC was a little better. However, after doing some more research and reading forums like this one and others, I feel like I may have made a mistake.

I have read numerous accounts of people complaing that even the slightest scratch on a DVD movie, etc will cause an error while ripping with the NEC. Is this true?

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume this is true. Can this be something that can be “adjusted” by a new version of firmware? Does the pioneer drive read scratched DVDs better? I just think that having a drive that can extract data reliably and perform quality writes is the most important aspect of a DVD drive. I dont care if the drive can write a whole DVD in 30 seconds. If the quality sucks, what’s the point?

The other issue I’m concerned about is playability. I’d like to have a DVD writer that will play on other DVD readers besides my own. I couldnt care less about the CD aspect of the drive.

The review I saw on this site says the NEC is solid, but I dont know if they tested this on any but perfect condition DVDs. I also dont believe the 107 was reviewed either.

Seeing as you guys seem well informed, can this be clarified once and for all? I’m strongly considering just ordering the DVR-107 now and sending the NEC back as soon as it arrives. I dont want to have to deal with bad rips or data errors because of a hairline scratch on a DVD. That’s completely ridiculous.


yes thats true, has OC-Freak said NEC 2500A is very picky in media.
there are two threads regarding that issue just below this one.

The review says that it’s a high quality DVD burner, one of the best we have seen, but there really isn’t much on how good a reader it is, when it comes to bad discs.

Look at the review here…

One page is on CD Error Correction tests, which it did not do well at all in. It did alright in the DVD Error Correction test.

CDRInfo’s review of the Pioneer A07, almost got full marks in their CD Error Correction tests.

It’s a quality burner, no doubt about it. But, not a great reader when it comes to damaged CD’s/DVD’s.

Im thinking of buying the NEC because im looking for a HI Q DVD WRITER more than anything -well price too obviously.

I already have a very good liteon 165 DVDROM and a Liteon CDWriter 40125s. Im hoping that means i dont have to worry about NECs CDR read/writes or DVD reading issues. All three will fit in my tower.

Am i correct to assume this ?

… else i will also get few more pennies out of piggy for the A07.



I literally poured over that review and what’s strange is that according to the review, this reader is just fine when reading DVDs. All the tests displayed show the reader passing just fine.

One test shows the reader showing down while reading, but that’s understandable. But this article is in contrast with the readers who describe even slight scratches on their movie DVDs result in error after error when trying to rip. If, according to the article, the reader can read through a scratch up to 3.0mm, you would think it would be able to read just about anything. I wonder if the “scratch” is perpendicular to the rotation of the DVD or parallel because that makes a big difference.

Has anyone tried to rip a scratched DVD movie on both readers? Which one does it without errors and how accurate was the extraction?

Thanks again

Im hoping that means i dont have to worry about NECs CDR read/writes or DVD reading issues. All three will fit in my tower.

We’ve seen enough member reports of reading problems to know that some 2500A drives appear to have reading problems with some discs. I use mine for burning only, (it’s the only drive I currently use for burning), and I couldn’t be happier with it. I use a Pioneer 106D for reading/ripping.

I use TDK 880N (2500A clone) and can say that this drive is VERY PICKY about media. I had several problems (and still have them) to rip some “original”, pressed DVDs without any visible scratch! Maybe this drive is simply faulty (I’ll use my warranty for 100%) but it has serious problems reading very “simple” DVD videos (Peter Gabriel - “Secret World Live” for example).

My recomendation to anyone looking at buying a new DVD burner.

Only get the the NEC 2500A for burning. Buy a DVD-ROM drive for ripping.

If this doesn’t sound good to you, get a LiteOn 811S/851S (or wait a month and get a 812S).

My 2500A is very picky about reading scratched media. I was trying to backup a dvd with a couple of small scratches on it. The NEC would get read errors at the same point every time … on my pioneer dvd-rom it slowed down the reading speed to 1.4x at the scratch but it read it without any errors.

I’ve received my NEC 2500a, and so far, so good. How can you beat $103 from new egg? I burned two DVD movies, one mint, the other with many very light scratches. Both read perfectly. I have written 2 other data dvds - backing up data. No Coasters.

I have NOT reloaded the firmware yet. I have version 1.06 but I dont know if it’s the earlier or later version. I want to get a feel of the performance with the stock firmware and then switch and observe the difference.

For the moment I am using FujiFilm DVD+R that only burns at a top speed of 2.4x along with Nero. However, the movie burns must be good quality - or I’m just lucky - because they play perfect on my PlayStation 2 which I hear from others on this forum is VERY picky about media and it had a difficult time +R media versus -R media.

I will experiment with some scratched DVDs and see how it performs. I dont care about CD writing at all.