Does My Stand-Alone Support DL Burns?

I own a Sony DVP-NS400D. This player supports CD/DVD/VCD playback and also has a built in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder. I have had no problems playing DVD+R and DVD-R media. My concern is with DL media. Does my player support or recognize DL burns? I believe I bought my player maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Any comments people?

The easy answer is yes or maybe!
Your player will see and play double layer pressed disc’s so there should be no problems. However it may also be picky about the media you use, what do you have in mind?

With +R DL, I’d say the odds are very good (Verbatim is easily the best choice overall for DL media). With -R DL, you will very likely have playback problems as they have much lower compatibility.

When you burn the +R DL, make sure it’s booktyped to DVD-ROM.

How do I adjust the booktype? I use a Samsung S162L.