Does my monitor need looking at?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Every so often, my monitor picture flashes, and it makes a weird “sparking” noise whenever it does (you can probably tell, I know next to nothing about monitors :bigsmile: ).

It’s a 5 year old LG 17" CRT…I’ve checked the vents aren’t dusty etc, and today it seems to be happening a little more.

Is my monitor dying?

Any help would be most appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

When the image flashes, does it disappear or distort? Do you ever see small specs of white light? As far as the noise goes, would you say the noise is more of a ‘pop’ type or more like a ‘hum’?

It’s possible the high voltage power supply in your display is going on the fritz. The pop noise and white light flashes would indicate this. I would say use the display til it stops working and then replace it, as repairing a CRT display isn’t cost effective any longer.

Hi :slight_smile:

When the picture flashes, I get like lines (mostly white) for a split second on the whole screen. And the noise is definitely more a “pop” than a “hum” :slight_smile:

Hope that made sense!

And yeah, I’m hoping it’s still safe to use for now, since I can’t afford to replace it immediately.

(a lot of the time, on startup, the image is all squished into the middle - I have to play about with the connectors at the back to get the image correct, I dunno if it’s related, but that started recently too).


I get that also Arachne, and mine is also a 17 inch CRT thats quite old. Does it happen to you when you are minimizing/maximising windows, and generally putting more strain on the monitor than normal? I get the white lines and a very slight shake of the image on the screen.

Im not sure about the monitor settings resetting on you if thats what it is, could it be the graphics card inside being fiddly? Do you use buttons or a dial at the bottom to adjust the setting just out of curiosty?

also, do you get that pop noise when you go from having your monitor switch off (after its been on screen saver for a long time and gone onto ‘stand by’) to moving your mouse and the screen coming back on? Or have I got the wrong pop here?

LOL! It does the popping and flashing at any time - I saw it do it earlier when I was sitting across the room. :slight_smile:

Seems to have settled down a bit now thank God. And, I use buttons to adjust my display settings. :slight_smile:

Nope, as I said the only thing I get on startup is the squished picture - fiddling with one of the connectors at the back sorts that out.

I have seen this before, unfortunately your monitor is most likely dying. Does it sound anything like an audible electric spark?

That’s exactly what it sounds like…luckily it’s not sprewing smoke or anything like that touches wooden desk :slight_smile:

You may want to start saving up for a new display, it sounds like the high voltage is acting up on yours.

It should be safe to use until it fails. Catastrophic failure are extremely rare and have been for some time. You also have enough common sense to know that if you did see smoke or fire to shut it off and not use it again. :bigsmile:

How long it lasts depends on what the problem is. Meaning if it’s a loose connection it will last longer than if the component is beginning to fail. Again, I would not recommend taking it to a shop. Even if you find a top-notch place that could do an adequate job replacing the power supply board, phospher wear with your display is a factor here also.

Regarding new displays… CRT vs. LCD is always a personal choice. I’m a fan of LCD for many reasons, and from a practical point there is one very big advantage. My kitty doesn’t have room to perch on top of the thin bezel, and I’ve yet to own a kitty that doesn’t love the top of a CRT. :bigsmile:

Hope that helps, and best of luck with it.

I would start looking for deals on monitors.

My own cat stays away from my PC bits, I wonder if he knows I’ll scream at him otherwise :bigsmile:

And yep, you guys have all been a massive help - now to scrape the money together for a new one! :slight_smile:

Hehe…my beloved LG :sad:…but hey, it’s an excuse to upgrade to a posh LCD - thanks again :bigsmile:

Are the connectors and cables on/to the monitor fully attrached/properly connected?

Could be really that it’s slowly dying… :frowning:

I’m going to check those properly before I think of buying a new one…since fiddling with them rectifies one problem, it could well be that they’re not plugged in properly. :iagree:

And yeah, after 5 years of pretty much constant use (if I’m awake, then the PC is on)…it probably is dying :frowning:

Cheers for the input, chef :slight_smile:

My Samsung DF900 did that. In fact, got a shock from the power button. Picked up a nice 19" LCD Monitor (Sceptre) from Sams Club. It is awesome!!! Only $259.00!!!

Cool (the LCD, not the shock :bigsmile: )…I’ve just done the maths, that’s about what I would have to pay here (in £s)…going monitor-shopping on Wednesday :bigsmile:

I’d get this one from SPV :slight_smile:

I think the high voltage is arcing somewhere in your monitor.
You could try having a look inside the vents for sparks when this happens, but then again unless you know what you’re doing you’re not going to be able to do much.
The arcing is probably going to get worse and worse, until either it becomes too annoying to stand or something pops inside the monitor and it stops working (it’s extremely unlikely that it’ll catch fire or anything drastic like that).

ive picked up many abandoned crt monitors from outside my local pc shop, a few had strange problems like the image would flicker every so often after a while (probably heat related), or the brightness knob wouldnt work (which i solved by opening it and manually setting it on the back (a crt usually has 2 knobs, 1 for brightness 1 for sharpness) but theyve all lasted bloody ages (i handed them onto cheapskate friends, relatives :slight_smile: ) my guess is it will probably last quite a while slowly getting worse

i picked up a 19" crt for £40 which is peanuts compared to a similair LCD, my local pc shop probably has some 17 inchers for £25 - £30 second hand

Hi :slight_smile:
So what’s happening on the monitor front. :eek: Your not all BenQed out are you? :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW Is it right you’ve sacrificed your Pioneer? :doh: Whatever next? :confused: A Philips making out as a Lite-On traded in for a BenQ 1670 (for the RAM, of course). :iagree: :bigsmile:

A “crack” of a spark, accompanied by a picture kick (usually a momentary shrink), is typically an eht flashover.

I wouldn’t recomend diy internal cleaning, as there is enough residual voltage in the eht (for a long time) to bite you. If you want it to last longer, then it needs attention, as the flashovers could induce voltage in more sensitive pars, and the flashover path will also get worse, from dust and dirt, to carbonized.

Aldi (supermarket) are going to have a Medion 19" TFT with VGA/DVI, 11th May, £179.99 … resolution 1280x1024