Does my DVD writer SUCK?

Hey guys I got this dvd writer about 7-8 months ago maybe

I have an MDS/MDF file, and I have CompUSA DVD-R 8x Blanks, I loaded the images onto both Alcohol 120% and Nero, I load the image burning wizard on Alcohol 120% and I load the image and everything, it finishes burning 100% complete… Now I load the disk and I get NOTHING, I check in my computer and it looks like its blank, but when I look at the disk itself there is defiently data written to it… I tried burning just the image onto the disk with Nero Using DATA DISK, so that I can try so I can see if i burn the image if it would work but still same problem…

is it my dvd writer that sux? or the comp usa dvd-rs?

Do to all the same lettering basically you won’t get help here.

Please don’t PM me I will just delete your PM’s as to this issue.