Does my DVD drive effect the quality of those 'rips' from dvd decrypter?

Hey lads, im sure this is a stupid question to some of you but i would really appreciate it if you guys helped a newbie out.

Im trying to get the best possible quality dvd rips from my dvds. I bought an external hardrive to store all the rips on as i dont want to burn them to other dvds, i want to watch them off my hardrive.
I came across this program called DVD decrypter which has ‘encoded’ the dvd to a VOB. file which i play on powerDVD and the quality is spectacular! I think this is a much better idea to rip dvds to vob files using DVD decrypter and watch them off your hardrive than using ripping programs like superdvd ripper and gordian knot, etc which offer inferior rips.

Anyway…sorry for the long story but my main question is…
Does my DVD drive effect the quality of those ‘rips’ from dvd decrypter. Remeber im only watching them off my hardrive, im not going to burn them to blank dvds. My dvd drive is fairly mediore as it is the one that came with my Dell Laptop, im just wondering if there is any point in buying a different drive so that those rips will be of better quality.

Thanks very much in advance to those who take the time to help me!

No, the drive doesn’t affect the quality. It is digital data both on the disk and now stored on your hard drive. The only time the drive might come into play is on a dirty or scratched disk, where the drive might have a hard time reading the data. Some drives are definitely pickier than others about this, but if the rip is successfully completed, then you have no problems.

By the way, DVDDecrypter is no longer being updated. It will fail when trying to decrypt some of the dvds that have newer protection built in. If you get one that Decrypter can’t handle, I suggest using DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the last of the free decryption/ripper programs that is still being updated.
Found here:

The other alternative is to get AnyDVD, let it run in the background and continue to use DVDDecrypter as the ripping program. AnyDVD will break the encryption for you. It isn’t free though.

Thanks very much Kerry.

The only time a disc or player can make a difference in quality is with cd-audio, which is uncompressed PCM, which is essentially a digital ‘representation’ of an analog wave, which predates cd-rom, or dvd for that matter.

a DVD is compressed, so the data is just data until it’s decoded, so no deterioration can occur while transferring or copying it

but people still swear to god that they can tell the difference between the quality of the disc, and the burn speed when listening to audio cd’s.