Does my computer have dvd capabilites or not?




I’m confused.Yet this is likely an obivous answer

My dell dimension 4500s was bought in 2002 and for whatever reason untill now I have needed to detrimne if my computer has dvd,dvd rom, dvd r etc capabilites.

The reason for this question is that I tried to play a dvd-rom game on my computer in my cd-rom drive and nothing happened. My father says that when he purchased it,they promised I would be able to burn dvds and play them.

I checked up on my system and I have a CD-RW Drive and SCSI CD-ROM Device.But when I checked on properties for the scsi,it asks for the setting of DVD regions.Plus, in system32, it has a DVD player icon/place holder and a DVD upgrad thing.

I’m confused.

I didn’t list any of my other infomation because I’m not sure what you would need to answer. Feel free to answer via here or PM.

Thanks a bunch,



I sounds like it has only a CD-RW drive; download and run DVDidentifer to check; better yet Nero Info tool


Yeah, agree with CC.

DVD Identifier will work just fine…if you have trouble, nero cd-dvd speed will work as well. If you don’t have it, there’s a download link in my sig.

I took a quick look at this dell and it looks as though it only comes with a CD-ROM or a CD-RW. I’m not surprised about the lack of a dvd writer given the age, but it should have had at least a DVD-ROM drive


back in 2002 CD-RW drives the DVD-Rom were common, some had DVD-R/RW drives; but many places were clearing out older stock so some PCs had no ability to play or burn DVDs; the price of a replacement DVD+/-RW is so low just replace the drive.