Does multi-tasking affect quality?

This is a question I haven’t seen here before, but I always wonder about it. :confused: Is there any reason to not use your computer regularly while burning a DVD? I have 1GB of memory and an AMD 2500+ CPU installed. I usually surf the web or play card games while burning a movie, and my P2P SW is always running. Does this affect the quality of the burn? This is a burn done on ProDisc R03 @ 8x on my 2510a.
I guess it’s pretty good but would it have been better if I’d found something else to do?

BTW, on my friends set-top box, it played for about 1hr then froze. I re-burned @ 6x and it played perfectly.

I would say that with that amount of memory it should not have a huge effect. But, are u expeiencing buffer under runs, even tho, the machine is preventing a full buffer underrun, is it stopping to catch up at all?



I would imagine as long a steady stream of data can be sent to the burner at the required speed for writing, i would think it would be ok to multitask, but don’t quote me on it :bigsmile: I browse the web while burning, i’ve even had Norton Antivirus cut in and scan while burning, it doesn’t seem to cause a problem.

I regularly burn at 8x while ripping movies or burning a second disc. It really depends on your HD setup and speeds. In any case, burn quality is not affected in the least as long as you don’t have buffer under-runs.

I felt that that was the case but I wanted to be sure. Since the buffer never runs below 90%, I guess I’m getting the best burns possible. :smiley: Thanks you guys(& girl?) for your helpful info. This site has become my home-on-the-web due to all the knowledge dished out by you experts. :bow:
Thx again

In what way is burn quality affected if buffer underuns occur while burning?

laser stops,than it waits for optimal conditions to continue (memory,buffer,proc time),then when he continues,it has to focus right where he left off,then the makes a gap if he cant pinpoint that location,and you get bad results of a burn.

What about when writing at 16x? I’ve got 512MB RAM and a 7200rpm HDD and 1.6GHz Centrino. Is it better to just leave it alone?

Yes, it`s not a big deal to sit out 15min

you should leave it alone.