Does MSCE currently support auto bitsetting for DVR-218 series?



As above. If it does, does it work with it’s current firmware? :frowning:


The x18-series is based on a QSI design using a MediaTek chipset. Bitsetting on +R works as long as you set it, it defaults to -ROM on +R9. You don’t need MSCE to force bitsetting.


Thanks for the heads-up :smiley:


I just bought the S18L

  1. Is it really confirmed that DVD+R DL auto bitsets to DVD-ROM without any flashing?
  2. Programs like imgburn do not have a booktype option for pioneer, so how do I go about setting DVD+R -> DVD-ROM?
  3. Does MCSE support patching of the original firmware to auto booktype?
  4. Labelflash is written on the box. does S18L really support it?


[B]Can you not read the answers already given in the other threads??[/B]