Does most of the dvds read multisession?

i have a LiteOn dvd burner, and i wonder if most of the dvd players (like apex, pioneer and so on) reads dvds burned as multisession,
does any of u have any idea?

If its properly authored & burned and fixated, why not?

But normally it makes no sense to use MS on DVDs.

Why not? I think it makes even more sense to use MS on DVDs than on CDs because of higher capacity. If I do a data backup that requires 430 MB on the DVD then why would I want not to use MS later on and waste the 90% of the space left?

Nero Express warns that MS DVDs may not be readable (actually the additional sessions) in some old DVD-ROM drives and on systems prior to XP. I’ve had a case of this some time ago - I lent a DVD to a friend of mine and she says that the movie she wanted to watch (an avi file) is not there and it turned out I had written it in another session. She has XP though but probably an older DVD drive - actually it’s a CD/DVD combo so it’s not ancient, but still no luck at reading MS DVD.

Sorry, my mistake - she did not try to play the disc in a combo drive but in a standalone DVD/DivX player. I guess the multisession DVD would have been readable if she had a computer combo drive.

Because Multisession on DVDs usually give bad issues.

Just use the SEARCH function. :wink:

I’ve had bad experiences with multisession too. Now DVD-RAM has been working well though.