Does MCC003 drops in quality recently?



Mcc003 used to be my number one disc when I want “quality”, but I have to say that I’am disappointed by its quality recently.

My last 100 discs of this ID aren’t so good like it used to be (10 discs in each cakebox that I bought differrent time in last 4 months).

Here are some examples, yes PIE is good (sub 10000) but PIF Total is Way too high for this kind of disc.
[Lite-On 1693S@Ks0B + Quality Patch]

Not so good Eh?

I know these are still average-good results but I don’t expect >300 PIF here.

These are what I call good scan.
Daxon +R 16X write @ 8X.

These Daxon Discs are incredibly good, consider its price (I can get 3 of this for the price lesser than 2 of Mcc003).

I know that every discs, even the greatest quality taiyo disc has its up and down, but I don’t expect 100 discs flaw in a row like this.

I always get better results with Mcc003 (PIE around 15/Total <15000, PIF around 2/Total<200) I don’t care if PIE is 15000 or 20000 as long as PIF total is low.

Discs that I use is Mitsubishi DVD+R Made in Taiwan, here is some shot.

You may say, it’s my Writer that flaw, but I still have 2-3 discs of this brand from 5-6 month ago and its scan results are excellent

Does this happen to any of you?

The reason that I post here is, I like to know if quality of Mcc003 is really drop, so I like to know if situation like this happen to any of you.
Maybe it’s time to change my horse to something better…

And please note that I can’t find Taiyo in my country (thailand), I don’t know why but it’s extremely hard to find one.


I’ve always found MCC003 to be fairly consistant. Those scans don’t look that bad to me and In my experience typical with MCC003. :confused:

Being a might too fussy perhaps :wink:


All the scans are very good. In fact I think each scan with PIF totals < 1000 is okay. You shouldn’t look at the totals and you shouldn’t look at the single spikes, but at a possible clustering effect instead. :wink:

There’s no That’s or Fusion media in Thailand? If you’re going to Greece, Korea or Japan some day… :wink:

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Average-good? :bigsmile: Pardon my insolence, but I think you are very mistaken about how to interpret scans. These are very good.

Even the guys who go by PIF totals (which is a very controversial way to interpret scans, as there is no sound background to it whatsoever - the whole theory is about counts per ECC) say that anything under 500 is top-notch and anything under 2000 is perfectly OK.

To reply to your implicit question, if you want better looking scans, you can still try to find some YUDEN000T02. But I’d say… stop hurting yourself by scrutinizing scans with a magnifying glass and worry about PIF totals going from 100 to 300, it’s not worth it in the least and doesn’t make any sense IMHO.


Holy crap! Another sane CDFreak :slight_smile:
I was beginning to think I was one of a kind :wink:


You’re not :wink: - I’ve learned from [B]rdgrimes[/B], [B]scoobiedoobie[/B], [B]DrageMester[/B], [B]Zevia[/B], [B]Francksoy[/B], and others that I don’t remember, all sharing similar opinions about the [I]relativity[/I] of scanning and the foolishness of taking numbers too seriously, so you’re definitly not alone :cool:

edit Thanks for the compliment, Debro :flower:


stop hurting yourself by scrutinizing scans with a magnifying glass and worry about PIF totals going from 100 to 300

That’s exactly what I am right now :doh: .

I admit that I take it too seriously about scan results and wasting too much money burning another disc just because results from the last one isn’t satified me.
And sometimes it takes 4-5 discs in a row until I get what I want.

I know it sounds silly, and it is. But I have to admit it :P.

So I think I have to change my view about this and stop wasting time and money on something like this, maybe it’s best to “Let It Be” if the results is not so bad (and I taking your standard).

Thanks every replies :flower: .


There’s only 1 Cure … the CDFreaks living room.



And that is a cure for what exactly? Boredom? Sanity? :bigsmile:


All of the above … + spare time …
Posting in the living room is a full time job.


:iagree: :clap:

I’d be well pleased with scans like those. :slight_smile:


The idea that the total number of errors is important relates to the fact that errors increase over time so the lower the number of original errors, the longer the disc will remain readable.

I am probably one of the most picky when it comes to considering total errors as well as peaks and cluters, and in my opinion, the scans above are excellent. The only thing YUDEN000 T02 would do would be to lower the PIF total by 100 or so; hardly significant.


chas0039, you’re back! :slight_smile:

You have been missed! It’s good to see you here again.


Thanks. I just had to weigh in; it was something I was familiar with after all.

I’ll just try and stay away from “you know who” and maybe things will stay calm.


I don’t, but I’m not about to ask either :stuck_out_tongue: