Does Mad Dog know what week we're in?



I remember reading something about first week of June for PI/PIF for 3500.

Anyone seen the grail yet? :bigsmile:


yeah, “Wes” the moderator here quoted his insider at Mad Dog, saying it would be released in early June, which came and went. The 3500 is outdated, what makes you think they’ll release something like this? They want you to buy the 3520 to get this feature, business is business, why would they release a “free” PI/PIF firmware when they can make money selling the 3520 for those who want the PI/PIF feature? Common Cents, isn’t it? Right? The 3500 is out of production!

I’m still waiting for my Mad Dog $30 rebate that’s over 100+ days since being mailed. They say, I’ll be getting the rebate in 3 weeks, yeah sure.


I’ll ask again…


The point is moot. NEC have not yet responded. Maddog have given no promises concerning PI/PIF report capable firmware.

Buy a non-NEC drive which supports this feature. Although NEC likely won’t notice your lack of patronage.

I’m the owner of a benq1620 & Litey812@832, and I have no regrets buying either :wink:

I still use the Litey 812, as it’s scans can be reliably compared to all previous discs.


Send NEC an email showing and telling them of your new non NEC purchase and why, will get their attention. Especially if you add you will never buy a NEC product again because of the way they do their business. By employing bad customer relationships.


yeah ok somebody please stomp this thread already… please


Thanks Wes, any news are much appreciated :bow:

Even more so, if they turn out to be positive :wink: Come on MadDog, you know you can do it! :bigsmile:


Please end this thread. If the firmware is released, great but if not
I think it will continue to be rehashed until all our 3500s are dead and gone.:Z


I already told u all not to get ur hopes too high. Stop believing that there will be a new firmware and u will feel better. I had already give up all hope so i will not get a headache for nothing :cool:



please do and report back. We believe, you da man!


I sent an email a few days ago to or so… just got this back:

Mr. knights,

At this point, we are not planning to release any additional FW for our NEC 3500 based products. What we posted on our web site is the latest available FW. Thank you.




I would assume your response was from a MDMM email customer service rep… We’ve got someone(nameless) higher up on the totem pole @ Mad Dog with the insiders scoop on this firmware release. It’s been delayed, it’ll be here soon!

Wes is working on the new expected release date.

I’m still waiting for my Mad Dog $30 mail-in rebate, ~162 days and counting


oh new news for the nec 3500ag would be very nice :wink:



I sent an email to tech support as well asking about a firmware upgrade for the 16xDVD9A2 model. The response was “Yes, they are currently working on one”.
This was a month ago.
My rebate has been “sheduled for final processing” since March 20th.

Well, that’ll learn me not to bother with Maddog again.


Did anybody seriously believe in (March, April,) June? :wink:


what year?..


I still believe! and will till the end of the year. And you may ask which year? And I say till the end of this year!


New firmware for the MD-16XDVD9A2 (eg 3520A) should be available shortly.
There may have been some confusion regarding the 3500A firmware, I am still looking for clarification. :frowning:


I would say “till the end of my dismoded 3500AG drivers”


you know i really don’t care about it myself. the drive burns excellent. if the firmware comes it comes if not i haven’t lost anything that important.