Does lower burning speed increase burning quality in 4163B?



So if I have verbatim 16x -R media and I burn it 8x or 4x does it have any effect on quality? I only have this one drive so I can’t test this myself.

For me quality is THE most important factor. I don’t mind burning even at 1x if there is significant increase in burning quality.

I’m sorry if this question has been asked and answered, but try to search using words “speed” and “quality” and see if you can find anything…



Try burning Verbatim 16x DVD+R at 16x first and then burn another of the same type at 8x. And then compare the results. Most times, burning 16x-rated DVD+R/-R media at 12x or 8x will result in fewer PIEs/PIFs.

Whether 1x is better than 8x is another issue. Personally, I prefer 8x speed for most media I use these days (rated at between 4x to 16x but mostly 8x.)


Ok, thanks. I can’t test it because I don’t have any other drive to test the error rate - I’ll take your word for it. I believe you have done some test burnings sometime before…


I think it’s valid for all 16x burners, that their engineers developed firmwares to optimize writing strategies at least @8x (and up). It is quite save to burn 16x media @8x and 12x. There are lots of threads discussing whether lower (and lowest) speed means higher quality, from what I read the majority of cdfreaks-er say No.

Of course. :slight_smile:


With Verbatim 16x -r and LG 4163B, it is 16x or 8x, there is no 12x option.
There is a lot of variation in Verbatim 16x media quality, even within one spindle. Some discs are OK for 16x, others are really better suited for 12x or 8x burning. So to be sure, I always choose 8x. It only takes a couple of minutes more and the results are excellent.
With Verbatim 16x +r, I always choose 12x.


Ok, I’ll go for 8x, just to be sure. And since I previously had 2x-drive, burning “only” at 8x now doesn’t feel like any kind of sacrifice. :smiley:



Of course… the difference between 8x and 16x burn is only 2:30… so this is nothing compared to the difference between 2x and 8x. =))


Be advised in some cases the lower speed strategy may lead to worse quality.


Could you be more specific…in which cases for example?


I would not worry about that with Verbatim 16x MCC004 (+) or MCC03RG20 (-). Both burn excellently at 8x or 12x speed.
Worse quality with lower speeds can occur with low quality media or if you use a speed that is not specifically supported. I have seen it happen, but that was a long time ago, before I got my LG and started using good quality media.


To add to that question, what is it exactly that makes burning at slower speed better. Is there less vibration, or does it have something to do with the actual material that is used for the laser to etch? For example, does recording slower simply create a sharper burn?


There are a lot of such cases. Lower speed doesn’t always mean better (or more optimized) writing quality. To be safe, use the types of media and speed that are widely chosen by other GSA-4163B users. For most 8x to 16x DVD+R/-R media on the market today, 8x seems to be the right speed for writing. Though GSA-4163B is good at 16x writing (compared to other 16x DVD writers), it is still better at 8x judging from K-Probe and CD-Speed graphs.


If you are going to use 8X anyway you may want to consider MCC 02RG20 Verbatim from Amazon. Curently they sell for $32. My LG does very well with these at 8X.


I burn everything at 8X except those crappy disks such as AN32 that will only burn at 4X. If you look at many PIF scans even here on this website the error rate increases when the speed maxes out to 16X


I abandoned 1620 pro, from the time I found TYG02 that 4163B can burn at 12x while they are rated as 8x.Wonderfull burns.


You mean TY02? TYG02 only burn at 8x on LG 4163.


Thanks, that looks like a great deal, but unfortunately amazon does not ship dvd’s to Finland :sad:



Judging by his previous posts, he must have meant YUDEN000T02, not TYG02.


There are some eBay sellers that ship to almost anywhere in the world. However, blank DVD disks are too heavy for air shipping.


That’s ok, I buy mine from Germany (,…), not as low prices, but then again I don’t burn 100’s of DVDs daily as some of you might do.