Does location on the IDE cable matter?

I currently have my NEC 3540a drive configured as my secondary slave. I’ve read that it is bad to have a dvd burner on the same cable as a hard drive but was wondering if the location matters.

I currently have a cd burner as the secondary master. Would it be a better idea to have the dvd burner as the master or does this not matter?

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Due to my hard drives being SATA it leaves me with 4 IDE locations for my DVDRW

Primary IDE
Primary Master
NEC 3540a
Primary Slave
Plextor 716a

Secondary IDE
Seondary Master
BenQ 1640
Secondary Slave
BenQ 1640

I’ve found no difference in performance regardless of the Primary / Secondary / Master / Slave setup
I believe this only truly relevant with HD / CDR / DVDRW sharing as it makes it possible for both hard drive & writer to be communicating at the same time via the same cable
Although in your case it may make a difference to have the DVDRW as master If your happy with things at present leave it If you have doubts about whether your getting the best results change it
After all you can allways go back

As long as you are only using one drive at a time, it should make no difference at all. The biggest thing is just to make sure that you have your HD, or other source drive on a seperate IDE that you are writing to. This includes copying from HD to HD. IE: Copy from HD on Primary IDE to another HD on Secondary IDE.

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Just looking at my post again & in an effort to keep it brief I’ve left something out
I :iagree: with harley2ride
Therefore consider this
Operating system Primary Master
CDR Primary Slave
DVDRW Secondary Master
2nd HD Secondary Slave


In theory it matters little. I wouldn’t put it on the same channel as a hard drive, simply because it will bog down the hard drive. Otherwise, it matters almost not at all.

HOWEVER… some burners, some motherboards… do care. Unless you’re having problems, you’re all set. IF you’re having problems, put it as secondary master. :slight_smile:

Bleh, this is a HORRIBLE idea. BOTH hard drives are now hobbled by the optical drives on their chain. What a bad plan.

I will add a little hard note: You eventually WILL have problems if you put optical drives in the same channel with harddrives. You never know what windows and your other processes are doing in the background so seperate ODD and HDD, put them in different IDE channels!

thanks for the replies everyone. I currently have:

Primary master: Hard drive 1
primary slave: hard drive 2

secondary master: cdr
secondary slave: dvdrw

If I keep the optical drives on the second ide then that leaves both hard drives on the primary ide.

Will I have trouble copying from HD to HD? Seems like there is no other setup and I’ve never noticed problems with copying between hard drives.

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Too much coffee not enough sleep
I meant
Primary Master operating system Primary Slave 2nd HD
Secondary Master DVDRW Secondary Slave CDR
In short I was suggesting swapping DVDRW with CDR if doubts arose over whether getting best out of DVDRW
Sorry folks :bow:

I’m sure there will be some hit to performance, but it will be very slight. Probably not enough that you would even notice, unless you were working with very large files.

Agree with harley2ride, in general youre going to be fine.

Now, check under Device Manager if your NEC3540 is in UDMA Mode 2 and if it can burn correctly. Also tell us what is your CD burner mode. Some dvd burners don’t like to be put together with a CD burner that is in PIO mode 4.