Does Lite-On DVD RW SHW-160P6S burn DVD-R Disks?



I have what may be the stupidest question of the year, but I’d like to find out so here goes.

I have a DVD+R video disk that I want to play in my TV surround sound system DVD player. The TV’s DVD “player” will only play DVD-R formated DVD’s according to the manufacturer. It’s an older system. These days I think you can buy players that will play all formats.

So, my DVD+R disk won’t play at all in my player. It will play on my computer using my Lite-On DVD RW but not in my player that’s hooked to my large screen TV.

So, my question is this: Is there any way to “convert” a DVD+R formated disk to a DVD-R disk?

Could I download the contents of the DVD+R disk to my computer’s hard drive then turn around and burn it in DVD-R format using my lite-on dvd burner? I don’t even know if my Lite-On DVD RW SHW-160P6S burner will allow me to burn it in the DVD-R format.

I don’t know if anything like this is possible but I wanted to ask you guys because I know if anyone knows, you do.

Thank you, I appreciate your comments (good and bad).


You can copy the contents of your DVD+R to a DVD-R using the LiteOn or any other DVD burner - you just have to use a program that is capable of copying discs.

It’s likely although not certain that your player will also be able to read a DVD+R burned on the LiteOn drive if you enable DVD-ROM booktype bitsetting for DVD+R media. This can only be done to new discs you burn - you cannot change the booktype of a DVD+R after is has been burned.


You can rip the DVD (e.g. with DVDDecrypter) to your HDD and then burn it to a DVD-R.
Actually every modern DVD-Burner can write both formats (+ and -)


you can burn dvd-r discs with this drive, every liteon can burn -r media (well, the ld-401s can’t, but it’s the oldest liteon dvdrw).
you can also change the booktype of a DVD+R to DVD-ROM, most players will accept this discs, even it they doesn’t play “normal” dvd+r.
so it’s up to you whether you use dvd+r with -rom booktype or dvd-r media. you should try -rom booktype to see if your standalone will play it.

ps: benq drives can booktype +r to -r, with quikee’s wopc tool…


Make sure to use current firmware for your drive (the latest official version from LiteOn is PS0A), especially if you’re going to burn to DVD-R.


[QUOTE=DrageMester]you just have to use a program that is capable of copying discs.QUOTE]

Do you mean something like Nero? I have a program called Nero SmartStart…it came with something I bought. Haven’t used it yet but it’s ready to go.

Thanks to all of you for responding. Each of you seem to add something that tends to make it clearer.


Sure, Nero should be able to do it.
I don’t use Nero for copying discs myself, but it’s certainly capable of doing it! :iagree:


I just finished “burning a copy” of the DVD+R that would not play in my TV’s surround sound DVD player.

I used the Nero software that was installed on my computer but had never been used. I selected “Copy DVD” and followed instructions…and to my delight, it worked!

However, the finished product did contain several artifact, however they don’t take away much from the video. They are mostly noticeable in the sound; leaving out a word/partial word here and there…no big deal. Wonder what caused this?

The completed product is a DVD-R disk copied directly from a DVD+R disk (without first downloading it to my hard drive)…and more importantly, it works in my TV’s surround sound DVD player.

Thanks to all. If you would like to comment on the artifact issue please do so. If there’s a way to make the DVD better I’d like to hear about it. That’s what it’s all about…learning to “do it right”.

Thanks for the help guys.


Walk me through the firmware process Cressida…if you would please.

What steps do I need to take to install the firmware.

And where do I go to get the firmware for this particular model?

I looked on the LiteOn website but couldn’t find firmware for my model.



hope it’s ok if i guide you.

download the firmware here:

unpack the zip and start the included PS0A.exe, select the right drive and press update. it’s really easy.


By all means, chok0 :slight_smile: , thank you.

@ burnselk: go to Alle Programme -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero CD-DVD Speed. Put that DVD-R disc you just burned in the drive and select the “Diskqualität” tab. Set “Geschwindigkeit” to 8X and click on “Start”. Now let the scan finish (don’t multi-task) and you’ll probably see the reason for your playback problems displayed right there.

There’s a small floppy disk icon on top of the CD-DVD Speed window, with which you can save the result (as a .png image file). Attaching the image here will allow us to help you further.


ChokO…should I install the PSOA firmware even if my drive seems to be working OK?

The reason I ask is when I was looking for the firmware for my drive, I saw where LiteOn said “several times” in their FAQ…“don’t install the firmware if your drive is working”. It appears to me from this reply that several people had problems with their drive after they installed the firmware.

And by the way ChokO, I much prefer that people “guide me” through the necessary steps to do this sort of thing…I’m a novice so I don’t understand many of the answers (I can’t read between the lines so to speak). Most people on this site are much more advanced in the use of computers, hardware, and software than me…but I want and have the desire to learn. With help from you guys I will improve.

Thanks a million…and I’d like to hear what you have to say about whether or not I should install the firmware.


i recommend the newest firmware for all of the liteon drives. if you encounter problems with a new firmware, you can always flash back to an earlier version.
PS0A is the newest official firmware, PV96 is the latest test firmware featuring some improvements.


I found these instructions in the FAQ part of this forum:

“To attach a file to a new post, simply click the [Browse] button at the bottom of the post composition page, and locate the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive”

But, there’s no “Browse button at the bottom of my post composition page” that I can see…can someone help me.


click on “Go Advanced” and there on “Manage Attachments”


OK, I figured it out…I had to go the the “Advanced” tab.

Now let me try to attach the .png image. It’s 10.9 KB in size.

<!-- / main error message --><!-- <input type=“submit” class=“button” value=“Go Back” accesskey=“s” onclick=“history.back(1); return false” /> </p>



Thanks ChokO…appreciate your help ANY time.


Would it matter that I used a “Verbatim DVD-R” marked 16X? Actually “up to 16X” as opposed to 8X?


you can use the “edit post” button so you don’t have to make multiple posts in a row.
at which speed did you burn this disc? the results are very good.


I used 8X speed as recommended by Cressida.

I’m beginning to think the artifact were caused by my “el cheapo DVD player” that’s hooked to my TV and not due to the burn. As you said, the results of the burn were very good.

The reason I say this is, the DVD that I burned plays very well in my computer using PowerDVD…there are no sound problems at all. I just played it and it sounded very good and no halting pictures.