Does Lightning Ever Strike Twice? Power and/or Surge Protector Recommendations Please

Lightning fried my VCR and I don’t want the same happening to my computer.
Anyone have a recommendation as to what type of surge protector I might
upgrade my very basic power bar/circuit breaker with?

Also, are ‘surge’ and ‘spike’ the same or different concerns? I think I heard
somewhere that one’s protector unit should deal with both and that they are
different concerns.

I’ve heard Belkin is good, they’re around $80.00 U.S. I think for an 8 plug.
(probably get one for a little less on e-Bay). I just don’t know anything about
any brand of surge and/or spike protecting unit and would like to make a
good purchase from a quality/price standpoint.

For anyone who can shed some light on this I offer my thanks in advance.
Hoping to hear back so I can upgrade appropriately in the unlikely event
lightning strikes twice . . .