Does life suck?

You married her without finding out if she sucked???

I’m a pessimist. Suicide is always an option.
I’m a pessimistic optimist. Suicide is the cowards way out, although they say it takes guts to do it, I think its a selfish lack of brains. I had 2 close friends get it right first try, (a .22 to the head, and an OD) and 1 who tried the carbon monoxide method, got rescued and resucitated, and now lays in a bed as a vegetable. I’m not saying I’ve never said life sucks, but it is what you make it, how do i know? I went from a street living speed shooting loser to a responsible husband and father who nearly owns his house. How? Because thats what I wanted, and life is what you make it.

so pollushon is the glass half full or half empty?

I enjoy my life to the full.

so pollushon is the glass half full or half empty?
I have two glasses, ones half full and the others half empty.

Black metal isn’t depressing. It just gets me in the mood to think about my current problems. I haven’t got anybody to talk to , so I just think

I haven’t got anybody to talk to , so I just think
LOL What are we chopped liver? Thinkings great, but only when necessary, our brains have a nasty way of allowing negativity in before positivity, making our problems seem to amplify. I find the next morning after a good sleep, financial, social…any problem I was somewhat stressed about is laughable.

Life is all good, even when all is going wrong. For if life was all good all the time, then it would have no meaning. Remember:

“It’s the Voyage that counts, not the Totality of Life”.

Life is what you make of it… or a direct result of your own actions…so if it sucks …see what you can do …to change it…

I walked that same street for 30+ years I had pretty much decided that because of a serious chronic illness (Hep C) contracted from shooting dope I would keep on living the way I was till I was dead. Finally because of having two serious felony charges against me and not wanting to go to jail long term, I got sober, quite blaming everything and everybody for my f%^&ed up life and started making things happen for the better. I now have no signs of the Hep C that I had and am getting ready to get tested to see if my body has rid itself of this desease! Amazing! I have a wonderful family and am able to support them, since I changed my way of life. Things happen but we have to make the best of things good and bad. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does life suck?


sometimes yes and sometimes no.
But life isn’t easy :slight_smile:

Easy solution: You don’t have problems, EVERYONE ELSE DOES! Every other living entity has a problem, not you. You are perfect, you are elite, you are god and you are the main thing in your existence. There is no one more important than you, you are god. All others are stupid morons who you could kill if you wanted too, but to lazy to do so. At least from your own perspective.

Black metal isn’t good for depressions, grab a Leonard Cohen cd.

life’s a bitch first you here then you die

ehhh but life is good to me… life would suck if there wasn’t CDF